Full year 2011: 14.3 percent increase in deliveries

  • Strong December performance: 19.1 percent rise / 650,000 units delivered
  • Group Board Member for Sales Christian Klingler: “Further gains under difficult conditions in 2011. Risks on European markets will multiply in 2012”

Christian KlinglerDetroit / Wolfsburg, January 9, 2012 – In 2011, the Volkswagen Group clearly exceeded prior-year deliveries, selling over eight million vehicles for the first time in a twelve-month period. A total of 8.16 (2010: 7.14; +14.3 percent)* million vehicles were handed over to customers.

Developments on the global passenger car market during the same period were also positive; however growth only ran at 5.1 percent, and Europe’s largest automaker was therefore able to expand its global market share. The Group brands also closed 2011 on a high note, delivering 650,000 (December 2010: 545,600; +19.1 percent)* vehicles to customers in the month of December.

“All Group brands reported further gains under difficult conditions on volatile markets. This outstanding result is clearly a team achievement,” the Group Board Member for Sales, Christian Klingler, said. “However, a very challenging year lies ahead. The risks on European markets in particular will multiply in 2012. In spite of this, the Volkswagen Group is well placed and well prepared to master the upcoming challenges and play a leading role on world markets.”

Positive developments in growth regions and established markets

The Volkswagen Group reported a very encouraging sales situation on Asian markets in 2011. Deliveries throughout the Asia / Pacific region grew 19.8 percent to 2.56 (2.14) million units. In China, the largest single market, the Company delivered 2.25 (1.92; +17.2 percent) million vehicles. Deliveries in India doubled, with the Group handing over 111,600 (53,300; +109.3 percent) vehicles to customers there.

The Volkswagen Group also reported a rise in deliveries in other parts of the world. In South America, a total of 933,400 (887,900; +5.1 percent) vehicles were delivered to customers, while 666,800 (549,200; +21.4 percent) units were handed over in North America. On the U.S. market, Group brands delivered 444,300 (360,300) vehicles in twelve months, representing 23.3 percent growth.

The Group also reported a rise in deliveries in Western Europe (excluding Germany) where customers took possession of 1.98 (1.85; +7.0 percent) million new cars. As a result, the Volkswagen Group performed noticeably better than the overall market, which declined by 4.4 percent over the year. 548,000 (423,200) units were delivered in Central and Eastern Europe, a year-on-year increase of 29.4 percent. The Group reported very pleasing growth in Russia, where customers took possession of 229,000 (131,300; +74.4 percent) new vehicles. On its home market of Germany, the Volkswagen Group grew deliveries for the full year 2011 by 11.4 percent, handing over 1.15 (1.03) million vehicles.

Group brands also report marked rise in deliveries

With a 13.1 percent increase in deliveries to 5.09 (4.50) million units, the Volkswagen Passenger Cars brand closed 2011 with a new record. The brand developed particularly well in the Central and Eastern Europe region, delivering 218,000 (147,900; +47.4 percent) vehicles there. Volkswagen Passenger Cars handed over 496,700 (406,400; +22.2 percent) vehicles to customers in the North America region, and delivered 1.93 (1.65; +16.6 percent) million units in the Asia / Pacific region.

Audi delivered 1.30 (1.09; +19.2 percent) million vehicles to customers in the past year. For the premium brand from Ingolstadt, 2011 was therefore the best-ever year for sales in the company’s history. Deliveries to customers in North America totalling 142,500 (121,500; +17.3 percent) units contributed to this achievement. In South America, Audi delivered 19,100 (13,400) vehicles during the same period, an increase of 42.7 percent. Deliveries in the Asia / Pacific region rose by 35.3 percent to 373,700 (276,200) units.

ŠKODA delivered 879,200 (762,600) vehicles worldwide in the period from January to December 2011, an increase of 15.3 percent. The brand made especially strong gains in China, India and Russia. The Czech automaker grew deliveries in particular in the Central and Eastern Europe region, where 231,600 (194,800; +18.9 percent) units were delivered, and in the Asia / Pacific region, where 256,100 (203,300; +26.0 percent) vehicles were handed over to customers.

SEAT delivered 350,000 (339,500) vehicles worldwide in 2011, representing an increase of 3.1 percent. The Spanish brand made strong gains in particular in Mexico, where deliveries increased by 35.4 percent to 18,100 (13,400) units, in Germany, where 52,000 (43,000; +20.9 percent) vehicles were delivered to customers, and in France, where 36,200 (31,600; +14.6 percent) units were handed over.

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles reported a strong increase of 21.4 percent in 2011, delivering 528,800 (435,700) units worldwide. Deliveries were particularly robust in the Central and Eastern Europe region, where 36,500 (26,700; +36.6 percent) vehicles were handed over, the Asia / Pacific region, where customers took possession of 11,700 (7,900; +48.2 percent) new vehicles, and in South America, where 137,300 (113,600; +20.9 percent) units were handed over.