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Volkswagen are now on Google+ Pages. Google have launched their new Google+ Pages for Businesses and Volkswagen were one of the first pages to launch their pages on Google+. This is great news for both consumers and businesses. The Google+ pages allow both sides to interact with one another without beeing to formal.

Volkswagen USA Google+

On the

Volkswagen Google+

Business pages you can find more information on what is happening with the Brand. This include things like social events and motor shows. Where in the past visitors had to rely on the media or the physical Volkswagen website for this type of information. Volkswagen can now simply make a post about their participation at the Tokyo Motor Show or the Los Angeles Motor Show and all their followers will know Volkswagen is going to be at the show and that it is time for the motor show to take place.

The possibilities with the Google+ Business pages are almost endless. Volkswagen can now launch competitions and opinions world wide via the Google+ pages and get their followers to immediately interact with the Volkswagen pages. Google+ pages makes it possible for the Volkswagen Followers to comment on the posts Volkswagen makes, share the posts as well as interact with the videos and images that Volkswagen uploads to their Google+ pages.

You can also join the 3D Car Shows pages on Google+ at

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