Volkswagen Golf GTI Goodyear Tyres


High performance combination has Goodyear/Hi-Q car winner feeling good

Volkswagen GTI Goodyear Tyres

On tar as well as out on the racetrack and skidpan, the pulse-racing Volkswagen Golf GTI and its Goodyear high performance tyres make a combination that has what it takes to stay calm under pressure even when the going gets fast and furious.

This sporty car was the coveted prize in a nationwide competition in which Goodyear and Hi-Q offered customers the opportunity to win either this fully specified vehicle or a Volkswgen Amarok – their choice – together with an appropriate advanced driving course.

For lucky Cape Town–based winner, Clinton Hagan, the choice was clear. He took delivery of his Volkswagen Golf GTI earlier this year and more recently hit the track at the VW Driving Academy in Kyalami to put this vehicle and its tyres through their paces.

“For anyone with an appreciation for motor cars and a love of speed, this prize was a dream come true,” Hagan said.

Under the watchful eye of trained instructors, Hagan got to test the limits of this race-worthy, high performance car, particularly in the areas of cornering and braking.

“Safety is of paramount importance, so having the right tyres that provide sufficient surface contact and depth of tyre tread is vital in order to maintain the vehicle’s stability in high speed situations,” Hagan explained.

Specially designed to provide shorter braking distances on both wet and dry surfaces as well as high performance handling and improved fuel efficiency, Goodyear’s high performance tyres bear testimony to the company’s 111 year history and commitment to innovation and excellence.

The day-long driving course provided practical vehicle handling tips as well as affording Hagan the opportunity to ride along with a racing instructor who took him on an exhilarating full tilt lap around the circuit.

“The Volkswagen Golf GTI with its Goodyear performance tyres promises heart-stopping speed and handling but one seldom gets to experience this under normal driving conditions, so this was a truly remarkable experience,” Hagan enthuses.

In addition, Hagan said he particularly benefited from learning how to make best use of the vehicle’s sophisticated on-board systems and how far the vehicle and its tyres could be pushed while remaining safe both for occupants and other road users.

Myles Dent, Group Brand Manager at Goodyear said the competition campaign was very successful, attracting more than 5 000 entries and maximising customer interest while clearly igniting desire in the younger market segment.