Volkswagen Fleet Services is focusing more than ever on its customers this year, with a unique on-going survey that is designed to find out exactly what contract hire and leasing customers want, and how the organisation can work best to help them.

Volkswagen Fleet

The survey, commissioned by Volkswagen and operated by benchmarking company Expert Eye, started in December.  Thirty-four major leasing providers are being questioned about nine core areas, comparing Volkswagen’s performance with that of six competitors.

‘Part of the reason for commissioning the survey was a realisation that we didn’t know exactly what our partners in the contract hire and leasing sectors thought of the services we provided, and so it was going to be difficult to enhance our service offering,’ said Iker Lazzari, Volkswagen Fleet’s National Contract Hire and Leasing Manager.  ‘We recognise that our leasing partners are our customers, and if we want to be the best in the industry, we need to know how we are doing and where we can improve.’

Based on the results from December to the end of March, Volkswagen is already working on its ‘leasing improvement plans’, reviewing the results in conjunction with leasing company partners, and agreeing specific areas of enhancement.  These specifically focus on areas for development that were identified in the survey results. In addition to the ‘leasing improvement plans’ there are a number of other key service initiatives underway, such as a Fleet Sales Excellence programme that is designed to enhance the service quality delivered by Volkswagen’s 63 Fleet Business Partner retailers.

Also under way is a programme to move all Volkswagen Fleet specialist Retailers to electronic delivery technology using the MoDel platform, following a highly successful trial.  Easy-to-use handheld computers make the car handover easier and more effective than ever: the digital platform cuts paperwork and transmits delivery notifications immediately to the leasing company, so they can seamlessly initiate the customer contract.  What’s more, the driver gets a better experience, as the handheld devices are quicker and easier to deal with, and using them also allows drivers the opportunity to give direct feedback via a customer satisfaction questionnaire.

Lazzari continues: ‘We’re sharpening our focus on what matters most to leasing companies, to help ensure we’re fulfilling their requirements, and the requirements of every Volkswagen fleet driver.’