Volkswagen Diesel scandal: VW told to take 2.4 million cheat cars back and fix software


German authorities have ordered Volkswagen to recall over 2.4 million VW diesel derivatives in Germany alone.

The recall is to replace the cheating software that manipulates the vehicles’ real emission tests.

An organisation known as the KBA (Germany’s federal transport authority) kicked out a proposal by Volkswagen that owners of any of the VW vehicles and brands affected by the cheat software will voluntarily bring their vehicles in for the repair.

KBA said they will be ordering Volkswagen to run an official recall as soon as possible.

Volkswagen admitted some weeks ago that certain diesel derivatives have been loaded with software with the explicit purpose of fooling American regulators regarding the real level of NOx levels the engines produce.

Over 12 million vehicles world-wide are affected.

The cheating software is found in various Volkswagen diesel products, including Audi.