• Rise of 22.5 per cent achieved by November 2011
  • High growth in South America and Europe

Hannover, 15 November 2011: Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles continued to record rising sales figures over the last eleven months with Europe’s market leader delivering 479,000 light commercials during this period around the world – a rise of 22.5 per cent over the same period last year (391,000).

“That means that until now we have already sold around 40,000 more commercial vehicles than in the whole of 2010”, says Harald Schomburg, Member of the Brand Board of Management of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles for Sales and Marketing “All our ranges have sold extremely well in 2011.”

  • The Caddy range was the most successful model with 146,100 units sold around the world, representing a rise of 26 per cent (Jan – Nov 2010: 115,900).
  • The T5 range increased its global sales by 5.6 per cent to 139,900 units (Jan–Nov 2010: 132,500).
  • The Crafter rose by 4.1 per cent with 34,600 units sold worldwide (previous year 33,200).
  • A total of 60,200 units of the Amarok pickup were sold (Jan – Nov 2010: 18,500).
  • The light pickup Saveiro increased its sales in South America by 12.6 per cent to 74,800 units (previous year: 66,400).
  • The classic T2 van was slightly below its figures from 2010 with 23,350 units sold exclusively in Brazil (previous year 24,200).

“Together with our dedicated and specialised dealers and importers we significantly improved our position,” says a delighted Schomburg. “2011 will go down as a record year in the history of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles.”

The brand saw particular increases in its sales in Europe and South America. A remarkable rise of 22.8 per cent was recorded in sales in South America with 126,600 units sold (Jan – Nov 2010: 103,000) whilst the corresponding figures for Europe rose by 17.7 per cent to 261,200 units (Jan – Nov 2010: 221,900).

 In Eastern Europe, as well, sales rose by 40.5 per cent to 32,300 light commercial vehicles (Jan – Nov 2010: 23,000). Beside from the home market Germany with a rise of 8.3 per cent from January to November 2011, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles experienced two-figure growth rates in other European markets as well: 18 per cent to 32,300 units in Great Britain, 21 per cent to 16,000 units in the Netherlands and 21.6 per cent to 14,700 units in France.

“In Europe we experienced three times the level of growth in the market for city delivery vans, transporters and pickups. Although this segment as a whole rose from January to October 2011 by six per cent, new registrations of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles rose by 18 per cent,” says Schomburg. “That means that we continue to be the undisputed market leader in Europe with a market share of 16.4 per cent – compared to our rivals we could again extend our overall lead.”

Clear market shares were gained from January to October 2011 compared to the same period last year, especially e.g. in Scandinavian countries, in the Netherlands (from 23.3 per cent to 29.4 per cent), in Italy (from 3.7 per cent to 5.4 per cent), and Austria (from 26.1 per cent to 32.7 per cent).