Volkswagen Auto Pavilion


A fitting resting place for a dependable VW

What do you do with your favourite family car if you want your memories of it to live on?

Volkswagen Auto Pavilion

In the case of Kobus Theron, who faced having to part with his beloved 1981 VW Jetta, you donate it to the popular automotive museum at the Volkswagen Group South Africa headquarters in Uitenhage, the Auto Pavilion.

The immaculate 32-year-old Theron family car is the latest addition [editor: 10 September 2013] to VWSA’s AutoPavilion. For Theron, it was a case of not wanting to sell his VW Jetta in case it was not looked after. By donating it to the AutoPavilion, he and his family could still visit it every once in a while, he said.

“Our VW Jetta has been in the family for 32 years and means so much to us that we just couldn’t bear to sell it. As a family, we decided to give it back to the people who dedicate their lives to building the best product on the market,” said Theron.

The popular family car has been in production since 1979 and was originally adapted by adding a conventional trunk to the Golf hatchback. By mid-2011, almost 10 million Jettas had been produced and sold worldwide.

“The Jetta 1500 GLS Automatic was first purchased in February 1981 for a mere R7 217 by my father-in-law. I bought it from him in July 1997 as a gift for my wife, who has driven it until now,” said Theron.

The vehicle is in immaculate condition for its age, having driven 108 000km without incurring a single dent or scratch. The carpets and seats are still the originals, with only the windscreen having been replaced.

“My motto is simple: ‘As you treat your car, it will treat you’. The Jetta got a major service every year or every 5 000km. I personally topped up the oil and brake fluid, maintaining the absolute correct fluid levels and never mixing lubricants. Maintaining the car on a daily basis with all the love and care I could manage is the sole reason why the Jetta is still in a good condition,” said Theron.

VWSA General Manager: Communications, Matt Gennrich, said it was heartening to see VW owners so inspired by the product.

“It is wonderful to see someone like Kobus with such passion and dedication when it comes to looking after his car. It looks like it just came out the box,” said Gennrich.

The Volkswagen Auto Pavilion:

Volkswagen Auto Pavilion South Africa

The Volkswagen Auto Pavilion – a place of people and cars – traces the company’s history in South Africa from inception in 1946 through to present day. The exhibits include restored models produced at the Uitenhage factory over the last seven decades, as well as interesting memorabilia and stories from past and present factory employees.

The Volkswagen Auto Pavilion is open weekdays between 8am to 4pm. Bookings can be made through the Volkswagen AutoPavilion on (041) 994 5941/3.

The FactoryTours take place weekdays. There are two tours on Mondays through to Thursdays, at 9am and 12pm. On Friday, there is one tour at 9am.

The FactoryTour includes the tour of the AutoPavilion, where some of the classic Volkswagen South Africa-produced cars are on display.