Vintage Volvos in Girl with the dragon tattoo


When Hollywood director David Fincher decided to film the best selling books about Lisbeth Salander by Swedish writer Stieg Larsson, he knew just were to turn to create an authentic experience of Sweden in the 1960’s.

The Volvo museum in Gothenburg was only a phone call away, and enthusiastic director Sten-Åke Lyngstam provided Fincher and the film crew with some vintage Volvo Trucks, buses and cars. Careful watcher might be able to spot a green tow truck of the model LV 78, a white L430 truck, a yellow LV224 bus, and a white P1900.

– The production team is very grateful to Sten-Åke and his coworkers for their commitment, help and invaluable knowledge when providing us with the vintage cars we use for the 1966 scenes, says Karolina Heimburg at Precis Produktion.