Vehicle sales consolidate in November General Motors South Africa

  • GMSA achieves market share of 11,5%
  • Chevrolet Utility retains 80 months of consecutive segment leadership ahead of the launch of the all-new 3rd generation Chevrolet Utility in December
  • High demand for Chevrolet Orlando continues
  • Chevrolet Aveo is ranked fourth in passenger sales

Chevrolet Utility

General Motors South Africa continued its strong performance in the market ahead of two new model introductions in December – the Chevrolet Sonic and the Chevrolet Utility.  Overall GMSA volume growth is up 25.8% November year-to-date versus the same period for last year, while industry sales are up 16% for the same period.

Sales of 5 694 vehicles saw the company achieve a market share of 11,5% for the month. A major contributor to this volume was the Chevrolet Aveo with 992 sales, a number that saw this popular vehicle ranked as number four on the passenger car sales log in November. The recently launched Chevrolet Orlando continued to make its mark on the MPV sector with 149 sales for the month.

In the light commercial vehicle sector the second generation Chevrolet Utility (nee Corsa Utility) has now completed 80 consecutive months of segment sales leadership with1 528 units delivered in November – and this in its run-out phase in the market! The all-new third generation Chevrolet Utility has just been announced which will add a new level of excitement to the sub one-ton LCV sector and is set to build on the success of the previous model.

“The sales numbers released by NAAMSA for November indicate a slightly more subdued market viewed from the perspective of the past two or three months,” says Malcolm Gauld, GM’s Vice President, Sales and Marketing. “That said, November sales were still strong at 49 499 units for the month, an increase of 11,7% over November 2010.

“Sales through the dealer channel were once again strong which is encouraging. The light commercial sector was well into positive territory with an increase of 12,2% over November 2010 with total sales of 14 125 units. GMSA’s share of this sector was 19% with the ever-popular Corsa Utility accounting for close on 11% of the total LCV market on its own. The market for medium, heavy and extra heavy vehicles was, in contrast, relatively subdued.

“We go into December with year-to-date industry sales volume of 526 223 vehicles representing growth of 16% over the same period last year. The optimistic number of 570 000 units in total for the year may still be achievable if the sales momentum of the past three months is carried through into December.”