Vehicle deliveries by Volkswagen Group grow 13.8 percent to 6.80 million units in period to October

  • 12.4 percent increase for month of October to 688,000 units
  • Group Board member for Sales Klingler: “Very encouraging developments so far – however, fourth quarter cannot be taken for granted”

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Wolfsburg, 11 November 2011 – The Volkswagen Group continued its very good performance on the world’s automotive markets, reporting double-digit growth during the period January to October. The Company delivered 6.80 (5.98)* million vehicles in the first ten months of the year, representing an increase of 13.8 percent. Europe’s largest automaker sold 688,000 (612,000; +12.4 percent)* units in the month of October.

“Developments so far have been very encouraging. We made a good start to the fourth quarter, too,” the Group Board member for Sales, Christian Klingler, commented. “However, given the present economic uncertainty and its impact on the automotive industry, we cannot take the fourth quarter for granted.

We will continue to keep a very close eye on the situation over the coming months as developments on global markets remain volatile,” Klingler added.

Growth regions continue to develop well

Developments in the North America region remain positive. Deliveries rose 21.5 percent to 543,000 (446,900) units in the period January to October, of which 360,500 (285,900; +21.8 percent) vehicles were handed over to customers in the United States. In the South America region, the Group reported a rise of 8.0 percent, delivering a total of 777,200 (719,800) vehicles.

The Company also reported encouraging delivery figures in the Asia / Pacific region, handing over 2.15 (1.82; +17.6 percent) million vehicles to customers in the first ten months, of which 1.89 (1.65; +14.8 percent) million units were delivered in China, the largest single market.

Deliveries in Europe for the period to October continued encouraging. In total, the brands achieved an increase of 10.7 percent to 3.07 (2.78) million units.

In Western Europe (excluding Germany), 1.67 (1.57; +6.2 percent) million customers took possession of a new vehicle. In its home market of Germany, Europe’s largest automotive group grew deliveries 11.8 percent to 960,800 (859,300) units. Growth in Central and Eastern Europe remained high, with 441,400 (343,400; +28.5 percent) vehicles delivered to customers there.

Group brands report continued positive trend in deliveries

The Volkswagen Passenger Cars brand delivered 4.24 (3.78; +12.1 percent) million vehicles worldwide from January to October. The brand developed particularly well in the regions of Central and Eastern Europe (+46.5 percent), North America (+22.2 percent) and Asia / Pacific (+14.1 percent).

Audi delivered 1.08 (0.92; +18.0 percent) million vehicles to customers worldwide in the first ten months. The premium brand from Ingolstadt continued to perform well in Asia / Pacific (+30.7 percent) as well as North America (+17.9 percent) and South America (+35.4 percent).

The ŠKODA brand delivered 741,800 (638,200; +16.2 percent) vehicles worldwide from January to October. The Czech automaker grew in the regions of Central and Eastern Europe (+17.1 percent) and Asia / Pacific (+28.1 percent) in particular.

SEAT sold 294,000 (285,000) vehicles worldwide in the first ten months, a rise of 3.2 percent. The Spanish brand reported growth in particular in Mexico (+30.6 percent), Germany (+27.8 percent), France (+16.5 percent) and the UK (+10.0 percent).

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles grew deliveries 24.3 percent to 433,600 (348,900) units in the period January – October. The brand reported strong unit sales in particular in the regions Asia / Pacific (+47.0 percent), Central and Eastern Europe (+41.8 percent) as well as South America (+27.3 percent).

*) excluding Scania