For the tenth consecutive year, Vauxhall Visitors delivered hampers to elderly pensioners in Herts, Beds and Bucks prior to Christmas to spread some festive cheer.

The hampers were sponsored by Vauxhall’s Pensioner Association and many red-ribboned boxes with edible goodies were handed out during the festive season: the content had been carefully chosen and wrapped by staff from Vauxhall’s in-house Amex Office – another source of readily volunteering hands amongst the Vauxhall community – and many non perishable items such as tins of ham or fruit, packets of tea, jars of jam and Christmas biscuits found their way to a welcoming home.

Vauxhall volunteers bring Christmas cheer

Cherie Denton, Community Relations Officer at Vauxhall in Luton, said: “Vauxhall has been employing people in the town for over 100 years and many of our pensioners still live locally. Our Vauxhall Visitors are pensioners themselves and they spent long hours taking the hampers from Vauxhall’s head office to a large number of pensioners who live alone or are unable to get out and about as much as they used to. We are very grateful for their support, indeed, helping us to keep in touch with as many pensioners as possible.”