Luton – Vauxhall owners can now treat their car to all around protection with VX Protect, Vauxhall’s approved paint protection produced in conjunction with Supagard, which is available from Vauxhall retailers.

Vauxhall Paint Protect

VX Protect is a high tech polymer sealant that creates a protective layer on top of the paintwork that is resilient, glossy and transparent. The paint is sealed and becomes protected from harmful atmospheric pollutants, keeping Vauxhalls looking newer for longer.

Viewed closely, unprotected paintwork is uneven, meaning it can be faded by UV solar rays and the metalwork beneath can be corroded by tree sap, salt, rain and other precipitation. Paint that has been treated with VX Protect benefits from a microfilm sealant on top that creates a uniform finish, preventing fading and corrosion.

The formula of VX Protect means that once it is applied, it never needs to be topped-up or reapplied. Vauxhall is providing owners with even greater peace of mind by offering a lifetime warranty on VX Protect if applied on a new Vauxhall, valid for the first owner up to 100,000 miles, and a three year warranty on VX Protect if applied to a used Vauxhall car or commercial vehicle.

The core VX Protect paint protection is equivalent to the ‘100 plus’ offering from Supagard, but Vauxhall customers can benefit from bolt-on aftercare products. Each paint protection pack comes with a complimentary aftercare pack with products that help owners care for their paint protection, but additional bolt-on products can be purchased separately.

The bolt-on range spans from VX Protect 1 with Exterior aftercare kit, which includes Paintseal Cream and car shampoo to VX Protect 4 Total Care with canvas bag, complete Aftercare pack and Wizemark solution, which includes: car shampoo, Bird Lime Neutraliser, wheel cleaner, sponge, window sticker, emergency kit, chamois kit, alloy wheel brush, Paintseal Cream, glass cleaner, RainScreen, Wizemark Security Solution, 3-year key finder, personal item security marketing and a £500 guaranteed payout if the car is stolen and not recovered or written-off.