Luton – Vauxhall Motors has donated an Insignia for educational purposes to Bedford College Technology Centre, providing a valuable technical aid to their training programmes.


Bedford College is Vauxhall’s partner on their apprenticeship programme and this vehicle will be used to help enhance the learning experience.

Matt Allen, one of Vauxhall’s apprentices, is a 3rd year student, studying Motor Vehicle Mechanics NVQ and Electrical and Mechanical Engineering BTEC with Bedford College. Matt said, “I have enjoyed it immensely and have been given some great opportunities at Vauxhall such as being a member of a pit crew on the annual VXR Power Event to servicing and preparing an ambulance for a 10,000 mile charity drive to Mongolia. I would always recommend an apprenticeship because of the amount of training you receive both at College and working on the job. You also get paid! The staff at the Vehicle Technology Centre have been really helpful and have guided me to where I am today.  I will be able to train on the Vauxhall Insignia and I can’t wait.”

“It is very important that motor vehicle students have the experience of vehicles with up to date technology, particularly at Level 3.  Modern Vehicles are complicated in design and construction and diagnosis of faults can be complex too.  With these vehicles the students will have the opportunity to gain important the skills that take them into the world of the modern motor car,” said Michael Downing – Bedford College Lecturer.

Vehicle Technology Centre Director, Anthony Scott, added, “We are incredibly appreciative of the contribution Vauxhall has made to our teaching resources. We have been able to give our students access to learn on vehicles and components which would normally be beyond our means.”