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Vauxhall grew its overall retail market share to an impressive 9.12% over the last year securing once again its number 2 position in the market and closing the gap to the car retail top spot by 3.11ppts in the second half of the year.

Vauxhall’s particularly strong second half car retail performance follows the introduction of the brand’s Flexible Finance Programme in July and it is also underlined by Vauxhall’s outstanding November retail car share – the highest ever this century with a stunning 9.19% – and a proud number 1 retail car share position in August.

It is highly successful models such as the Corsa and the Meriva – both number 2 in their respective segments – that secured Vauxhall the closest spot to the top position in 2011 in the car retail arena: Much is still to be looked forward to in 2012 with exciting niche models such as the Ampera E-REV, a small SUV, a Cabrio and “Junior” to be introduced to eager new market segments.

In addition, in the market’s top 10 ranking, the stylish Insignia also does Vauxhall proud, coming from the upper medium segment and occupying an outstanding 7th position amongst all cars.

Last but not least, Vauxhall placed another strong stake into the ground in 2011 in the commercial vehicle retail sector, securing a proud number 1 position for the first time in the company’s history noting a 16.35% share. Vauxhall’s Combo and the Vivaro both proved strong players, each achieving a number 1 position in their respective segment.

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