• First usable electric car not compromised by ‘range-anxiety’ – up to 310-mile range
  • 233mpg & 27g/km combined emissions
  • UK order books open this November

Frankfurt Motor Show

will see some of the first production-ready Ampera E-REVs displayed on Vauxhall/Opel’s show stand, whetting the appetite still further of UK buyers who are due to receive the car in British showrooms next Spring.

Astra Ampera

Demolishing the issue of ‘range anxiety’ altogether, the Ampera’s clever Voltec system helps it achieve an incredible 233mpg and combined emissions of just 27g/km, according to official R(EC) 715/2007 regulations for measuring fuel consumption and C02 emissions.

Drivers can expect between 25-50 miles of zero-tailpipe emissions motoring (often enough for a typical daily commute), yet thanks to the Ampera’s innovative range-extender generator, it can be driven for up to 310 miles without having to re-charge the battery or replenish the fuel tank.

Yet despite this ecological tour de force, it can still be considered a car that can perform a full range of family duties. Its electric drive produces 150PS and 370Nm of torque, enough to propel the Ampera to a limited 100mph and from 0-60mph in nine seconds, meaning that it can be driven on any public road without a performance compromise.

It also has a five-door body and ample space for four adults and their luggage, making the Ampera practical as a sole family car, unlike many EVs with restricted range.

There’s already massive interest in the Ampera from UK buyers through Vauxhall’s ePioneers scheme. For a modest £150, potential buyers can reserve one of the first build slots for the car and join a rapidly growing, but still exclusive, group of people who are destined to become the very first Ampera drivers in Britain.

Official order books for the Vauxhall Ampera will open this November.