Ampera was just about to stretch its muscles, looking forward to a further 300-mile drive, as the RAC Future Car Challenge Finish Line came into sight.

Vauxhall Ampera

Vauxhall had three Ampera extended range EVs cruising along the 60-mile Brighton to London route this year, one of them in the hands of Private Derek Derenalagi from Help for Heroes, for whom driving the Ampera turned out to equally be a piece of cake.

Derek, who lost both his legs to a road side bomb in Afghanistan and was using his driver’s adaptor kit during the run, said: “The Ampera is comfortable and easy to drive and it’s also extremely responsive and silent, making the journey an amazing experience.”

The Ampera will be in UK showrooms in the spring of 2012. It qualifies for the Plug-in Car Grant, zero congestion charge and road tax exemption. Generating its electricity onboard once the battery is depleted to a certain state of charge, it also beats all range anxiety – in all respects a winner.