Valentine’s Day Virtual Box of Chocolates powered by Google Doodle


Valentine’s Day


Today Google announced Valentine’s Day on their New Zealand homepage with a Valentine’s Day Google Doodle. The Google Doodle is mainly “RED” the international color of love! There are two characters in the Google Doodle with a heart in the center. With the way Google Promoted Anti-Gay Laws in Russia recently with their Winter Olympics Google Doodle it is hard to see gender in the Characters, making the Google Valentine’s Day Doodle Political Correct!

valentines day

Send someone Chocolates with the Google Valentine’s Day Google Doodle

At first I didn’t get how the Google Valentine’s Day Google Doodle works. I saw a play button on the heart in the center of the doodle, and pressed it to see what the Valentine’s Day doodle is about. In short Google have created a small little application that allows you to send someone an anonymous if you like Valentine’s Day card, or virtual box of chocolates.

How does the Valentine’s Day Google Doodle Works?

First you need to press the play button. The Google Doodle opens up with a cutting board, which have chocolates, strawberries, nuts and candy on it. The Yellow arrows allow you to move the ingredients up and down and you can send your Custom Valentine’s Day Card via the application. Select the ingredients that you want to put in your virtual Valentines’ Day Box and then click on the red arrow to fill the cookie holder with your ingredients.

You need to fill 3 of these cookie holders, once you have filled all 3 the cookie holders you get a URL containing your Valentine’s Day card which you can now copy and send to someone using Google+, Facebook or Twitter.

You can also copy the URL and then send it via email to anyone you wish to receive your Valentine’s Day card.

Valentine’s Day Google Doodle Ideas

If your lover is technology inclined you can perhaps print your Unique Valentine’s Day URL on a piece of paper and instead of sending your lover the URL digitally give it to him or her in a real box of chocolates, or in a real valentine’s day card.

Once your lover follows the URL they will be able to open their Valentine’s Day Card, and know that someone were thinking of them today!

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