Valentine’s Day Video


    Valentine's DayOn the 14th of February 2012 Google wished the world a Happy Valentine’s Day with their latest Google Doodle. The Google “Valentine’s Day” doodle transforms into a short Valentine’s Day Animation Video presenting a short practical view of Valentine’s Day. In the Google Doodle Valentine’s Day Video there is a boy trying to impress a girl. The boy thinks of several things to do to impress his Valentine, he even uses the Google Search engines to find a way to win the girls heart.

    Finally just when you think he is not going to win the girls heart. Finally he notices that she is interested in rope jumping and decides to get his own jumping rope and join her playing. The Girl now notice the boy as he is doing something that she likes. To the end of the movie they start talking, and start jumping together.

    This short Valentine’s Day Video reviews some Secrets relating to finding your True love. We hope that you enjoy the short video that we have taken of the Google 2012 Valentine’s Day doodle. Usually the Google Doodle is only available on the Google homepage during the day that they are promoting a special event or birthday. We have captured the Google Valentine’s Day video for all those people whom might have missed it!

    We hope that you have a loved filled Valentine’s Day. Happy Valentine’s Day and enjoy!

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