Valentines Day – Chevrolet Gets Lots of Love from Fans on Twitter


Chevrolet Gets Lots of Love from Fans on Twitter Brand has highest number of positive tweets of any automaker in past year

Chevrolet Twitter

DETROIT – On Valentine’s Day, people around the world celebrate the ones they love. The word ‘love’ has been used on Twitter to describe Chevrolets over 55,000 times in the past year giving Chevrolet the highest percentage of tweets that mention the word love of any automaker.

Chevrolet also leads in tweets with positive sentiment among automakers with more than 700,000 positive tweets in the same period. These statistics are from a Twitter analysis from Feb. 12, 2012 to Feb. 11, 2013. Chevrolet has more than 10 million followers across all social media platforms.

Kevin MacDonald was one of those who shared his affection by tweeting, “@kjmacdonald Pumping gas this weekend, a woman asked about my @chevrolet Equinox. Told her I bought it a year ago & love it. #SeetheUSA #Chevy.”

Valentines Day

“With my Equinox, the joy of driving is back,” said MacDonald when asked why he declared his love on Twitter. “Chevys have taken me across the country, north and south and all points in between. The only brand I’ve owned since 1990 is Chevy.”

Not everyone who Tweets their love for Chevrolet currently drives one. Evingerlean D. Blakney covets a car that hasn’t even hit the streets yet. She tweeted, “@EveTheNine I’m so in love… 2014 Chevy Impala…” along with a photo from the vehicle’s debut.

“I’ve been searching for the perfect Impala and was curious about when the new ones would come out,” said Blakney. “To my surprise, I ran across the 2014 Impalas and fell in love – everything about them screams, ‘Get that car!’ to me.”

This Valentine’s Day, Chevrolet is helping spread the love with cards that can be shared with a special someone via social media. In the e-cards, the Camaro beckons “You really rev my engine” while the Volt states “When I’m with you, I’m electric.” These cards can be found on the Chevrolet Facebook page and by following #ChevyLove on Twitter.