Used Cars for Sale in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban: Burchmore’s



When Henry Ford first produced the Model T Ford, he commented that buyers could get it in any colour they desired – so long as it was black.

used cars for sale

Well, precisely the opposite is now true at Burchmore’s. The company has secured a huge consignment of used cars – all makes, models, sizes and prices. Oh yes, and they come in all colours too…

According to Darryl Jacobson, managing director of Burchmore’s, the company has taken delivery of a consignment of 1 200 cars. “The vehicles – which are spread throughout our three branches in Sandton, Durban and Cape – range in price from R40 000 to R400 000,” he reveals.

Many of the vehicles have been obtained from dealers with the McCarthy and Bidvest Group.

Jacobson explains that Burchmore’s has received access to this stock because of vehicle manufacturer rules and regulations. “Generally speaking, the vehicle manufacturers prefer their dealers to stock their own brand of vehicle in their used lots. They also have certain mileage restrictions. Plus, some of the cheaper cars may not meet their standards in terms of a branded used car,” he reveals.

When franchised dealers have too much so-called “non-conforming stock”, they are obliged to get rid of them – and Burchmore’s has snapped up this stock.

Jacobson is delighted with his “scoop”. “At Burchmore’s we focus on customer satisfaction. Given the tough economic times, some of our customers cannot afford a car that costs R100 000; they want something that costs half that price. Cars in the R50 000 price category are generally like hen’s teeth; they are extremely hard to source – so I am really delighted that we are now able to offer our customers around the country hundreds of these cars,” he notes.

Jacobson says that there is “huge demand” for vehicles costing R40 000 to R120 000. “With the tough economic times, there has been a change in the purchasing patterns – customers are buying down. So we have purposefully gone out and sought cheaper vehicles. Our average selling price remains high but there is a definite demand for cheaper vehicles,” he reveals.

These “drop-dead Burchmore’s deals”, as the company has branded them, offer good value for money while not compromising peace of mind. “We are obviously part of Bidvest, meaning we have a certain reputation to uphold. Furthermore, we are Consumer Protection Act (CPA) compliant and mindful of all the CPA requirements. In addition, warranties are available on all vehicles sold at Burchmore’s – including our drop-dead deals,” Jacobson notes.

Significantly, Jacobson says he is pleased to be able to truly offer “cars for the people”. “Given this enormous consignment that we have just received, I know that we can satisfy all tastes and requirements. It is also important to remember that customers can buy these vehicles either on auction or off the floor. So, we also cater to all needs when it comes to purchasing methodology,” he explains.

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