Peugeot teams up with mesmerising artist to celebrate launch of mould-breaking 208

US internet dance sensation

To celebrate the launch of the stunning new 208, Peugeot has teamed up with internet dance sensation Marquese Scott, A.K.A ‘NonStop’, to create ‘Let Your Body Drive’, an exclusive new video and campaign created by the pioneering artist and leading car manufacturer.

With over 50 million YouTube views to his name, 29 year-old ‘NonStop’ has attracted legions of fans around the world with his hypnotic moves and distinctive style of body-popping.  US born ‘Nonstop’ was propelled to fame last year when his landmark video ‘Pumped Up Kicks’ became an overnight sensation amassing millions of views in a matter of days, with total views now sitting at 42 million.

Nonstop’s first video to be filmed in the UK started circulating amongst fans last week and is already shaping up to be the star’s latest hit and first to originate from the UK. ‘Let Your Body Drive’ by Peugeot and ‘NonStop’ also features the brand new track ‘Feel The Love’ by London based dance act Rudimental, the hugely talented group already responsible for popular remixes of Ed Sheeran tracks ‘Drunk’ and ‘Lego House’.

Choreographed entirely by Marquese Scott and shot in a single take, the new video was exclusively created for Peugeot to celebrate the launch of the new 208, the latest incarnation in its line of ‘200’ series cars, following on from iconic models such as the 205 and 206.

US internet dance sensation Nonstop

The video marks the start of Peugeot’s inspiring ‘Let Your Body Dance’ national campaign looking for the most distinctive dancers of tomorrow, with the promise of a luxury trip to Ibiza for the winning performer and seven of their friends.  A ‘Nonstop’ inspired tour started in Bristol on 27th of April and continues across the country, with professional dancers inviting the public to step-up and perform their interpretation of the routine on a special stage and earn their place in the competition.

Anyone not able to make it to one of the live events will also be able to take part by uploading videos of their own performances to

. All successful entries will be featured on the Let Your Body Drive site and will be judged by a panel of experts including choreographer, ‘SuperMalcolm’, to decide who deserves their place in Ibiza and the chance to be recognised as a dance star of tomorrow.

Commenting on the video and campaign, Marquese Scott, AKA ‘Nonstop’, said: “It’s a real honour to have been invited to bring my moves to the UK, the home of so many incredible musicians, dancers and passionate fans of both. Let Your Body Drive is all about people finding their own way of moving and I want to see as many people out there as possible getting involved and showing the world what you can do.”

For a full list of tour locations and dates, please see below:

Location Venue Dates
London Westfield 04.05. – 07.05
Birmingham Bullring 11.05 – 13.05
Sheffield Meadowhall 18.06 – 20.05
Manchester Trafford Centre 25.05 – 27.05
Birmingham Bullring 01.06 – 04.06
London Westfield 08.06 – 10.06