Update from Kingsley Holgate


Greetings from Mombassa Kenya where the Land Rover linked One Net One Life Expedition has caused quite a stir with 15 minutes live on National TV showing the Yamaha powered boats taking nets to a village in the mangrove swamps.

The expedition is going well and our objective remains Durban to the Somali border giving out nets to pregnant mums with babies in isolated rural villagers with no regular health services.

With less than 300 km still to go we can smell victory. Our African Rainbow objective is to distribute 10 000 nets and when you think that the mums share the nets with several children that could mean 30 000 lives saved on the East coast of Africa where the shocking statistic of a baby dying every minute of every day and night remains.

The Southbound return of the African Rainbow Expedition will commence early next year using the KasKazi (North East Trade Wind) to bring the expedition home.  Each mosquito net distribution is carefully noted in a report back form giving the GPS co-ordinates, village details, community leader, level of malaria risk and closest clinic or hospital together with the number of nets distributed.

This will allow for Ministry of Health and African Rainbow Expedition follow up on the return journey. It’s not just a matter of distributing nets it’s also the follow up, the educational pamphlets and the research. It’s thanks to sponsors such as Land Rover that the One Net One Life campaign is proving to be a great success.

Asante Sana, Siyabonga and best regards

Kingsley and the African Rainbow Team