Cuttings costs on replacing tyres at the start of university is a false economy says Protyre

Many new students will be starting their first year at university this week. Costs are always an issue with students and traditionally the cars that they drive may not be the current model, however, Micheldever/Protyre – the UK’s leading retailer and wholesaler of tyres – is advising students not to try to cut costs on the servicing or replacement of tyres – the latter a critical safety component. And the advice applies to whether the student is driving to their chosen university for the first time or on a daily commute.

Staying safe on the road is of paramount importance to young drivers and tyres are the one component that are often overlooked and often allowed to drop below the legal minimum of 1.6mm. “We have a wide range of good quality tyres at very competitive prices”, said Micheldever Retail Director Simon Hirons, “and our retail centres can offer help and advice to students to select the right tyre for the car and driving conditions to be undertaken by each student”.

In addition to safety reasons, there are financial reasons for having tyres with adequate tread depth and inflated to the correct pressures. An illegal tyre could cost the driver a ₤2,500 fine and three penalty points on their licence and under inflated tyres use more fuel so will hit the motorists in his or her wallet or purse.