United Arab Emirates National Day 2012


Today is you visit the google.ae homepage you will be welcomed by the “United Arab Emirates National Day” Google Doodle. The National holiday is celebrated in the UAE over two days and the 2nd of December marks the start of the annual “United Arab Emirates National Day” celebrations.

 United Arab Emirates National Day

On the 1st of December 1974 the British ended there Protectorate Treaty and the UAE became an independent country. National Day is known as Al-Eid Al Watani in Arabic. National Day Festival is celebrated with great zest amongst locals, as it is one of the biggest events and exhibitions in the UAE calendar.

Schools in the UAE celebrate National Day by holding national events and celebrations where kids will dress up in the Cultural “thoub” and “kandoora” and perform the “youlah” and folkloric dance and organize cultural contests. In Abu Dhabi, the country’s capital, celebrations are held in the city’s corniche which people arrive in decorated cars marking start of the official United Arab Emirates National Day celebrations.

United Arab Emirates National Day Google Doodle

The December 2, 2012 Google doodle implements several of the important symbols in there United Arab Emirates National Day Google Doodle.

The emblem of the UAE was officially adopted in 1973. It is similar to the coats of arms and emblems of other Arab states. It consists of a golden falcon. The falcon had a red disk which shows an Arab sailboat in its interior. The disk is surrounded by a chain. The falcon holds with its talons a red parchment bearing the name of the federation in Kufic script.

United Arab Emirates National Day 2012

On March 22, 2008, the emblem was modified. The main change was that the Arab sailboat was replaced by the UAE flag and seven stars representing the seven Emirates of the federation.

The colors of the  United Arab Emirates National Day doodle prominently display the Colors of the UAE flag and have the words “Google” written on it.

We here at 3D Car Shows would like to wish all our readers from the United Arab Emirates a happy and prosperous National Day!