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  • Dealer connection service for UK motor trade
  • Launches in January 2012
  • Fees as low as £10 month
  • For dealers/traders/brokers/fin/leasing co’s

Launching in January 2012, Betabid.com offers connection to the whole of the UK franchised dealer network. With its core values of simplicity and integrity, Betabid.com puts its subscribers in direct contact with every franchised dealer every time so they know they have left no stone unturned.

The system is simplicity itself whether members want to offer a vehicle for sale, look for an underwrite, look for a new car supply quote or simply search for a specific used vehicle – it can all be achieved with one ‘click of the mouse’, thus the message from Betabid.com is clear – ALL dealers – ONE click – BEST price

Business community sites depend on rapid membership growth to be able to claim value for money for their fee, but this makes early members more like investors, waiting for the site to take off – it may work it may not. Betabid.com has turned this idea completely ‘on its head’. Their website is pre-loaded with every franchised dealer in the UK so even the very first subscriber can connect with the whole of their optimum target audience. This means the site offers 100% value for money and you just can’t get better than 100%!  So for all subscribers, no matter how early they join up, it’s as good as it gets – from day one.

The system has been developed by Steve Corke in collaboration with the team at Linxdesign Internet Ltd.  Steve’s experience in the industry spans over 40 years. He has worked extensively in both the retail sector, and the rental/contract hire and leasing sector. He has also held Dealer Principal posts with Rover, Vauxhall and Volvo.

Steve explained: “We wanted to create a ‘connection platform’ which gave small/medium sized dealers and independent retailers/traders the same level of access enjoyed by the larger dealer groups with their own digital infrastructures. ”He added: “Betabid.com will also be of particular interest to Finance/Leasing Co’s and brokers who have never before had this breadth of resource.”

Subscriptions are only available to bona fide members of the UK motor trade, however, the website itself is freely accessible to anyone. There is even a public information page which demonstrates to customers how dealers using Betabid.com could be best placed to give them the best deal available.

Steve added: “We live in a world with a strong ‘go compare’ mentality and it makes sense to utilise that awareness by showing your customers that you are doing the comparisons for them – so they don’t need to!”  He also suggested: “Why not tell your customers about Betabid.com so they can view the site for themselves and see just how simple, unbiased and logical it is. It will give them a good reason to return to your dealership.”

The simplicity of the system has helped keep costs to a minimum so at launch the monthly membership is under £20 and annual membership equates to only £10 per month.  This seems a very small price to pay to ensure that you always get the best price in the UK.

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