TyreSafe, the UK’s leading tyre safety organisation, is celebrating its contribution to improving road safety in the UK, having reached its fifth anniversary.


The not-for-profit organisation was established in 2006 to raise awareness about tyre safety issues and since then, the number of motorists killed or seriously injured in a tyre related accident on the UK’s roads has fallen by a massive 38 per cent*.

“There’s no doubt that TyreSafe has made a huge contribution towards improving drivers’ attitudes and behaviour towards tyre care and maintenance,” explains Stuart Jackson, chairman, TyreSafe. “As an organisation we’ve been incredibly busy and proactive over the last five years, but it’s important to note that we’ve also received fantastic support from many other organisations that has been critical in helping us educate people and raise standards.”

When TyreSafe was established, it began with just 12 member companies, and all were either tyre manufacturers or tyre retailers. Reflecting its considerable growth and influence, the organisation now boasts an impressive 35 members including many vehicle manufacturers, associated equipment suppliers as well as other influential bodies involved in road safety such as the Highways Agency, the Chief Fire Officers Association and the Driving Standards Agency.

TyreSafe’s early campaigns focused entirely on educating car drivers but with its growing membership and reputation, the group has expanded its campaigns targeting many different groups including motorcyclists, van and truck users, caravanners and more recently, horsebox and trailer owners. It has also taken a lead role in campaigning on other key issues such as part-worn tyre and winter tyres.

With a focus firmly on end-users, TyreSafe has gained an enviable reputation for continuing to develop innovative and fresh ways to communicate tyre safety messages. In recent years these have included the 20p test which helps drivers check their tread depth, an iPhone tyre pressure App as well as a number of online safety movies, taking advantage of the dramatic increase in online and social media.


Such has been the success of initiatives like these that TyreSafe has received significant media coverage including several national television appearances and hundreds of newspaper and magazine articles. Indeed, TyreSafe was recently named in The Daily Telegraph’s list of 30 best motoring Apps.

Alongside its media achievements and accolades, TyreSafe received a major boost in 2009 when it was awarded a prestigious Prince Michael International Road Safety Award, for its tyre safety campaigning.

“Despite the many positives and achievements during our short history, there is still a huge amount of work for us to do as an organisation and as an industry,” continues Jackson. “There are still high levels of ignorance and neglect about many tyre safety issues so it’s vitally important that we ramp up our activities even further during the next five years. However, at this important milestone I would like to offer our sincere thanks to everyone who has helped and supported us during our first five years and we look forward to working closely with you during the next five.”

Any organisation interested in learning more about tyre safety or about becoming a member of the group can call 01787 226995.