Tyre Show: TPMS profit opportunities on show at Brityrex International


9th to11th October 2012, EventCity, Manchester, England

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**Tyre retailers will soon have a major new profit opportunity as legislation covering the fitment and testing of TPMS (Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems) comes into force later this year. And suppliers including Apaseal/Tyresure Autogem and Rema Tip Top will be exhibiting at Brityrex International to demonstrate the technical aspects of the systems and the commercial potential available.**

From 1 November this year EU legislation will require all new TYPE passenger cars to have a direct TPMS installed, monitoring and alerting the driver to abnormal changes in tyre pressure and, normally, the temperature.

“There’s no doubt that TPMS will be a real revenue and profit opportunity for tyre dealers that invest in the training and equipment necessary to service the market,” says Ian Smith of Brityrex exhibitor Tyresure, whose products are distributed in a joint venture agreement with Apaseal.

Smith, who will also be involved in the TPMS training workshops and seminars at Brityrex, adds: “Up to this point service and repair work has largely gone to franchised dealers, but the specialist tyre trade will have a great opportunity to take advantage of extra work if they can educate their customers about the need to invest in service and repair of their TPMS.”

According to Tyresure, retailers can generate revenue from three main areas; TPMS battery failure, servicing the valve stem and repair or replacement in the case of valve stem damage. For a modest investment of around £1,000 retailers can equip themselves with the tools and equipment to carry out this work.

Rema Tip Top Automotive is another supplier offering TPMS expertise with Alligator’s new Sensor Intelligent Technology TPMS program, which provides a complete solution for the replacement of OE TPMS sensors.

The Alligator system uses one TPMS sensor solution to meet all mechanical installations for metal Clamp-In valves. Rema say that significant cost savings can be made from inventory reduction and time savings during the vehicle service cycle. Unlike other solutions, the dealer does not have to exchange or re-stock parts as OE’s make changes to TPMS systems.

In addition to the Alligator program, Rema also supply the Profiler TPM-II diagnostic tool for the service of OE and retrofit TPMS systems.

Currently around 1 in 10 cars on the road have TPMS installed, a figure that will rise substantially in the years following legislation. And from January 1st 2012 a TPMS fault will be an Advisory item which will significantly improve the tyrebay’s opportunities to replace failed sensors.