Tribute Nelson Mandela


Tribute Nelson Mandela

Today I would like to write a tribute to Mr. Nelson Mandela the undisputed greatest leader the African continent have ever seen. Today 27th of June 27, 2013 it is my personal believe that Mr. Neslon Mandela have died and is only kept alive for some political reasons, I believe it is time to switch […]

Today I would like to write a tribute to Mr. Nelson Mandela the undisputed greatest leader the African continent have ever seen. Today 27th of June 27, 2013 it is my personal believe that Mr. Neslon Mandela have died and is only kept alive for some political reasons, I believe it is time to switch off the machines and let Mr. Nelson Mandela go to a better place.

Tributes Nelson Mandela

I have been born in South Africa and have always known about Mr. Nelson Mandela from a very young age. He was one of the number one state enemies when I grew up, and we all knew him as a terrorist who have planted bomb’s and as a result killed several innocent people. He was the leader of the then Umkhonto we Sizwe terrorist organization and I always imagined him to be a cruel person who will kill all whites without the blink of an eye. Growing up in South Africa under the apartheid government and being indoctrinated that he was a bad person I feared the day when he was released on 2 February 1990 that a civil war would start in South Africa.

Nothing happened that year, and while the majority of South Africans celebrated his release from 27 years of imprisonment many white South Africans feared that a civil war would break out and that South Africa and its economy will go down the drain.

In 1994 during the first democratic elections the African National Party the (ANC) won the elections and Mr. Nelson Mandela became the first black South African President 27 April 1994. Millions of South Africans celebrated these elections, and millions feared what the complications would be for South Africa.

At this stage my opinion of Mr. Nelson Mandela was still that he will kill all white South Africans once he is in power and that South Africa will become a communist country where there is no future for whites.

Nothing happened, and during these days I saw a terrorist in my mind becoming the father of a Nation and it was clear that Mr. Nelson Mandela’s intentions were to create a better South Africa for everyone and his mission were to build a Multi-Racial South Africa with a future for everyone.

Terrorist Mr. Nelson Mandela, from President to National Hero to father of South Africa

It is not always easy to understand South Africa and how South Africa politics and social standings work, one thing is however certain and that is that South Africa is a great sporting nation and they love their rugby, as one of the International rewards for becoming a true democratic elected Nation, South Africa were awarded to be the host nation of the Rugby World Cup in 1995.

This were one of the biggest sporting events ever on the South African calendar and the event that changed a terrorist into the father of a nation and making Mr. Nelson Mandela one of the greatest leaders in South Africa, and African history!

Traditionally Soccer were a Blackman’s game and rugby were a white man’s game and the two did not mix. In 1995 South Africa won the rugby world cup for the first time and Mr. Nelson Mandela was among the spectators at the game and when South Africa won, he came onto the field not dressed in a suite but in the Number 6 Rugby jersey of Francois Pienaar the then Springbok captain of the South African team.

Surrounded by thousands of WHITE supporters Mr. Nelson Mandela was almost the only black person at the stadium, and if any right wing white supporters wanted to assassinate him this was the ideal opportunity. Brave enough to walk on the field surrounded by thousands of white people, just as proud as the most fanatic Springbok supporter Mr. Nelson Mandela won the hearts of ALL South Africans.

Tribute to Nelson Mandela and a Unified South Africa

After the rugby world cup white South African’s completely bought into the idea of South Africa being democratic and on ground level whites and black’s became a nation, despite what many people with political agenda’s might want the world to believe. Mr. Nelson Mandela became a hero and loved by black, white, Indian and all nationalities within South Africa.

He made it clear that he was not here for the money and truly wanted to liberate South Africa and want the best for poor and rich, fat and thin, black and white.

Nelson Mandela at the Johannesburg Motor Show

 I had the privilege to meet Mr. Nelson Mandela at the Auto Africa Johannesburg Motor Show 2004 when he came to see what the Automotive Industry in South Africa was up to, or maybe he just came to see the cars on display!


At the car show, I saw Mr. Nelson Mandela for the first time in my life, and I was amazed at what a beautiful person he was, with a friendly smile and a true interest in people he made an entrance. He was humble and never seemed to have held any grudges against the old government and the people for the time he spend in jail. He have achieved his purpose he freed a Nation and the rewards far exceeded any grudges he may have had.

He wanted the best for South Africa, and the people of South Africa!

Today I pay my tribute to Mr Nelson Mandela, he truly was one of the greatest people, leaders, fathers the African country has ever seen and today my wishes are that his legacy and mission will live on in the hearts of South African’s may we truly honor this great man by becoming one Nation with one goal being united and to live for the future, with love for fellow South Africans, compassion and the best at heart for the whole nation!

Mr Mandela, Madiba, Papa may you Rest in Peace!

Gerald Ferreira

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Published : Thursday June 27, 2013

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