Already well established in the mining and truck fleet market, Trentyre’s traditional on-site tyre management services are, for the first time, being utilised in the consumer market. An exciting contract with Hyundai East Rand has seen Trentyre setting up on-sites at threeGautengdealerships: in Boksburg, Bedfordview and Germiston.


ON-SITE TYRE MANAGEMENT FOR CONSUMERS – From left, Roland Grobler (Trentyre Regional Manager Gauteng), Michael Branders (Service Manager Hyundai East Rand), Hermanus Steyn (Trentyre Wheel Alignment Technician) and Angi Iannetti (Trentyre Business Manager Boksburg ).

Roland Grobler, Trentyre Regional Manager Gauteng, said the Hyundai on-sites were a new opportunity for the company and an innovative response to market needs.

“These Hyundai dealerships were being serviced by one of our competitors.  We, too, would traditionally handle this type of service from one of our branches, but by being on-site you provide a focused service, eliminating risks and time constraints.

“There are many opportunities in the marketplace. In TrentyreGautengwe will explore any avenue that adds value to our business and that of our client base. The Hyundai on-sites fall under the control of Trentyre Boksburg, whose Business Manager, Angi Iannetti, has been with Trentyre for 22 years and is rather innovative in his business thinking,” Grobler said.

It’s not simply the scale and setting that make consumer on-sites so very different from Trentyre’s usual mining and commercial on-site business. It’s the all-important human contact too.

“While there is virtually no public interaction on mines and commercial operations, in the consumer market, we are involved with our on-site customers, in this case Hyundai East Rand, as well as their clients, the Hyundai owners.  Although we play largely a mechanical/technical role, our on-site team needs to have good people skills too. The Hyundai dealerships are in prime sites and they get pretty hectic.”

The Trentyre teams, stationed permanently at each dealership, consist of Business Manager Angi Iannetti and the permanent on-site wheel alignment technicians: Hermanus Steyn atHyundai EastRand Mall, Edward Raphala at Hyundai Bedfordview and Judith Maime at Hyundai Germiston. The technicians do all the required wheel alignments for Hyundai East Rand, as well as any balancing and fitting of tyres that may be required in the operation.

Gavin Jones, Hyundai East Rand’s Retail Sales Manager, remarked that he was “more than happy with the way things are going”.

“By maintaining a professional service to Hyndai East Rand, we hopefully will be able to grow our business relationship into the future,” said Iannetti. “It is a question of getting back to basics and giving service of the highest quality.

“We should always be prepared to venture into something new.  I like new challenges, and making them work gives me a sense of accomplishment.”