Transyt Online Launched at Intertraffic


TRL is renowned for developing TRANSYT, its internationally recognised simulation and modelling tool for optimising and coordinating signal timings over a network.

Now from TRL Software comes TRANSYT Online.

Thanks to the Dutch Municipality of Deventer and Provence Overijssel who have co-funded a pilot programme in Deventer, a new product TRANYST Online will soon be available to engineers across Holland. TRANSYT Online extends TRANSYT’s functionality and allows optimised Signal Plans to be sent directly to on-street controllers to allow frequent retiming without the need to go out on the street in response to events.

TRANSYT Online hosts a range of features:

  • Regular scheduled signal optimisation
  • Regular updates to on-street timing plan changes
  • Import current live flow data into TRANSYT network
  • Default logic for faulty detectors
  • Supports short term prediction modules
  • Historic flow data stored for trend analysis
  • Automatic, timetabled and manual plan deployment
  • Full Audit Log
  • Web based interface designed for operators
  • Quick and simple timing deployment
  • Compatible with multiple detectors and controllers

It is hoped that TRANSYT Online will soon be available in the UK.  Meanwhile, why not visit the TRL stand 11.619 to see TRANSYT Online in action.

For more information on TRL Software, please contact

TRL Software

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