At a time when the traffic industry community is concerned at its aging population, TRL has announced two initiatives in support of “new blood” coming into the traffic engineering world and to assist in quality data capture and best practice.

In the first, TRL has announced that TRANSYT 14 is to be shipped under a Student Licence, the first of its products to do so. This will enable students studying traffic engineering around the world to have a fully functional version of TRANSYT 14 on a 9-month licence.  Phil Knight, Senior Traffic Engineer at TRL says: “Gaining knowledge of the product and being able to work on a dissertation in a student’s own time and at their own pace, is a step that should improve the quality of the engineer coming through into industry, making employment that one step closer.”

In a second move, traffic engineers around the globe can take advantage of a seasonal gift from TRL as for a limited time TrafApps is available FREE of charge.

TrafApps was launched earlier this year with the re-engineering of SATFLOW and MOVASPEED – two of the most popular programs from TRL’s original Traffic Engineering Software BUNDLE – and is now able to run on an iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

TrafApps makes good use of the facilities that modern smart phones offer, such as using the device’s build-in GPS capability to populate the Site Name and Location coordinates. Additionally, when using TrafApps on any email enabled iOS device, you can easily send a report containing the results even before you get back to the office.

TrafApps can be downloaded from the iTunes website, the App Store: for more information, visit

“Creating the future of transport” means more than just a strapline to TRL: with these two initiatives, TRL is not only providing tools to the transport industry to help them achieve a better quality job, but is also assisting those in education to gain experience and be better prepared for their future.