Toyota VII Fun Concept Car Play Car Games inside your Car, Watch Videos and Customize your car


The new Toyota VII Concept car unveiled earlier this week at the Tokyo Motor Show is Simply Amazing.

Toyota Fun-Vii 2011

Dream with us as we discover some of the possibilities of the Toyota VII Concept Car:

From what we can understand the Toyota VII concept car has an onboard computer that determines what is displayed on the exterior of the New Toyota VII. As far as we understand the Cars Exterior acts like a monitor, displaying whatever you want on the exterior of the Toyota VII Concept Car.

Imagine you wake up the morning and feel like driving a Red car, you simply login to your Smartphone and select a red color pallet, and upload it. Now your Car will become instantly Red until you change it again. Using this technology you can one day drive a red car, the next day a blue car and the day after that a pink car if you so wishes!

Watch the Video to see how you can play 3D Car Games inside your Car.

This week Toyota have come one step closer to the future by unveiling the Toyota VII Concept car and got us dreaming of owning such a car!

The Exterior of your car is not only limited to the color of your car. You can with the Toyota VII Concept car also upload photos and images to your car. If you love your dogs and want to upload an image of your dog to your car, you simply access the Toyota VII Concept Cars software and upload the photo to your car.


The photo will immediately be displayed on your car without any additional costs or time involved. It is just like having a computer monitor on your car.

To take the concept one step further it looks like you will be able to display video on the car. You can make a small animation and it would play over and over again on your car – displaying it on the cars exterior!


Clever Graphic Designers can design your car into a “Sporty” Looking car. By simply creating the graphics and adding some bells and whistles to your cars exterior!

The possibilities with the Toyota Concept VII Car are simply breath taking and astonishing! I remember when I were a kid the toy cars that came out with simple color display change.


This was done by heat or cold. If the car were cold it would turn blue and if hot red. This was simply amazing at the time, and I think everyone wished for their own color changing “Real Cars”.  – Now this all and more seem possible with the new Toyota VII Concept car!


Interior of the Toyota VII Fun Concept Car also changes!

We believe from the video of the New Toyota VII Concept Fun Car from Toyota that it would be possible for you to change the interior of the car. From the video it looks like the only thing that will stay static in the car is the driver’s seats and the steering instruments. It looks like all the rest will also be able to display images like on a computer screen.


For some funky fun inside your Toyota VII Concept Car you can play Car Games. The interior of the car changes into a virtual 3d reality 3D Car Game, The screen inside the Toyota VII Concept Fun car completely immerges inside the game. It seems like that you will sit inside the game, inside your car.

This is truly amazing. For most people a car is just a car, with the new Toyota VII Concept car, the car can be easily changed into a complete entertainment system. You can play car games inside your Toyota VII Concept Car and much more.

From the video we have gathered that it would be possible to display video inside the car, on the walls and roof of the car. Again your own imagination would be the limits for the new Toyota VII Concept Car. You can now have the best times in your car, and change your car’s interior to display a club inside, play music videos on the wall etc.

We envisage that there will be plenty of applications for the new Toyota VII Concept car. If you do not have the skills to customize your own Toyota VII Concept Car it is likely that you will be able to buy and download these applications to your car, and have it professionally customized to your needs!


(This article is not based on facts, as we do not yet know what the possibilities and limitations of the Toyota Fun VII Concept Car will be).