Toyota is famous for its involvement in global motorsport, but did you know it’s a major supporter of athletics, too? This week Toyota has renewed its sponsorship of the IAAF World Championships, extending a relationship that’s been in place since 2003.

Toyota Sponsors IAAF World Championships

The new deal will run through to August 2017 when the championships will come to London for the first time, taking place in the Olympic Stadium.

Before then, Toyota will also be an official partner at the events in Moscow in 2013 and in Beijing in 2015.

The IAAF has a strong green agenda and Toyota supports its environmental ambitions by supplying around 200 low emissions full hybrid vehicles for athletes and officials, including the lead time car at the head of the marathons.

All women athletes carry Toyota branding on their competition bibs, and have the extra incentive of a big cash prize funded by Toyota if any of them break a world record in the course of the games.