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Toyota on Google+
Google have recently launched their most anticipated Google+ pages for businesses. The Google+ pages promises companies and clients a whole new level of social interaction.

Toyota Google Plus

The Google+ pages make it easy for people to follow the brands that they like. Brands on the other hand, now have a place where they can make “Less commercial news” available to their loyal followers and supporters.

One of the early brands in the motor industry to adopt the Google+ Business pages and who are making investments to talk to their clients via the social media Google+ Business pages are Toyota. At the time of this article Toyota have already gained 13 554 for their

United States of America Toyota Google+

Page. The

Toyota Global Google+

Business page had 2760 followers in their circle. This is very impressive since the Google+ pages were not even one week old at the time of writing this article.

Toyota Google Plus Global

The Google+ pages if managed correctly by the Business behind the page can provide real value to its followers and the business itself. One thing we like best about the Google Business pages is its Advanced Technology hidden behind the simplicity with which Google presents the pages.

Already the Google+ pages integrate deeply within the Google Search pages. If one search for “Toyota+” you will get to the Toyota Google+ pages. Depending on how many people like your Google+ page, and if Google advanced algorithms have connected your page, with the search term, the page will show up!

This is exciting news to all small businesses and large corporations and brands that are searching for alternatives to connect with the world.

One of the things where I see huge opportunity for Toyota is the use of the Google+ Image Galleries. Toyota can now, and in fact are already starting to build an impressive image gallery of the various cars that they have on the market. People can now casually browse through the Google+ Toyota image galleries in a casual environment. One can see the cars in a studio setting and in real live and on the road images.

The Google+ Business pages also allow companies to upload their videos and commercial videos to their Google+ pages, allowing their followers easy access to this information.

All in all we here at 3D Car Shows think it is brilliant that a big brand and motor manufacturer like Toyota have adopted the technology that Google now offers.

Already we have seen some quality posts coming from Toyota and although the technology is still in its infancy phase we here at 3D Car Shows believe this is a game changer for social media interaction and the way we currently use the internet and search engines.

With the search engine market behind Google and the way they are integrating their products with each other it is for sure going to impact the whole world.

If you do not already activated your Google+ Personal account we encourage you to do so at:

after you have created you Personal Google Account you will also have the option to create a Google+ Business page for your Business!

3D Car Shows Google Plus

We here at 3D Car Shows have also created a Google+ page for the 3D Car Shows site. On the 3D Car Shows site you will find quality information on the various Car Shows around the world. We will also provide information, photographs and images about the various motor manufacturers around the world.

For more information about the 3D Car Shows Google+ Business pages you can go to our 3D

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