Toyota Holds 7th Toyota World Convention


Toyota City, Japan, November 16—Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) held its Toyota World Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States from November 13 through November 15. Approximately 1,100 people attended the convention including representatives from around 300 dealers, manufacturing affiliates, and finance corporations in approximately 150 countries and regions around the world.

Held almost every four years since beginning in 1984, the Toyota World Convention is an opportunity for TMC to express gratitude to its dealers and other affiliates throughout the world as well as a chance to discuss, as a global entity, future business strategies.

The theme of this year’s convention, the seventh, is based on the Toyota Global Vision announced in March and aims to share TMC’s corporate philosophy on progress, which includes ever-better car development, future technology strategies and steps toward a mobile society of the future.

At the main meeting, President Akio Toyoda expressed his belief in Toyota’s sustainable growth: “Growth means changing in step with changes in society. Only by promoting change can sustainable growth be created. Toyota can achieve sustainable growth if we can continue making better cars for people.” He also went on to reaffirm his drive to work together with Toyota team members the world over to make ever-better cars that exceed expectations.

In the product and technology programs that followed, participants had the opportunity to experience the making of ever-better cars first-hand, with a variety of hands-on test-drive and ride-along programs. Test-drives included conventional-fueled models such as the new Lexus GS and new Toyota Camry as well as new environment-friendly models such as the “Prius” plug-in hybrid and a pure-electric version of the “iQ” ultra compact vehicle.

Participants also had the chance to experience the latest in safety technology—the Pre-collision Safety System. Vehicles significant to Toyota’s history such as the first-generation Corolla, the first-generation Prius and the 2000GT were also on display.

Outline of 7th Toyota World Convention

Event duration November 13 through November 15

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

Main participants

Overseas dealers, manufacturers and financial

Approximately 600 people from 250 companies

Others (TMC subsidiaries and affiliates)

Approximately 500 people from 80 companies

TMC representatives

Chairman Fujio Cho, President Akio Toyoda, Executive Vice
President Takeshi Uchiyamada, Executive Vice President Yukitoshi Funo, Honorary
Chairman Shoichiro Toyoda, Senior Adviser Hiroshi Okuda, others