Toyota Hilux 2013 pass Dakar 2013 Scrutineering

///Toyota Hilux 2013 pass Dakar 2013 Scrutineering

Toyota Hilux 2013 pass Dakar 2013 Scrutineering

The Toyota Hilux 2013 and South African Dakar Team have passed the ” Scrutineering” in Dakar 2013 and are now officially in the Dakar 2013 Rally. We here at 3D Car Shows have a soft spot for the South African Dakar Rally team and are rooting for them to win the Dakar 2013 race. The Toyota South African Dakar Rally 2013 team are Giniel de Villiers and Dirk von Zitzewitz (Team 1) and Duncan Vos and Rob Howie (Team 2).

Both teams have extensive Dakar experience. Giniel de Villiers a previous Dakar Rally winner and came 3rd in the Dakar rally in 2012 and Duncan Vos and Rob Howie came tenth in the Dakar 2012 Rally. Toyota received 2 spots in the top 10 in the Dakar 2012 race for their Toyota Hilux Dakar pick-ups.

“Basic map of the Dakar 2013 Route”

Tomorrow on January 5, 2012 the Dakar 2013 officially starts in Lima, Peru South America. The route over the next couple of days makes for the toughest endurance Rally Race in the world and stretches over 8 000 Kilometers and 3 Countries. (Peru, Argentina and Chile). Dakar Rally drivers will need to cross deserts, rough terrain, possibly snow and many more grueling obstacles to rich the finishing line in La Serena in Santiago Chile.

Dakar 2013 Route

05/01/2013 Lima Pisco
06/01/2013 Pisco Pisco
07/01/2013 Pisco Nazca
08/01/2013 Nazca Arequipa
09/01/2013 Arequipa Arica
10/01/2013 Arica Calama
11/01/2013 Calama Salta
12/01/2013 Salta San Miguel de Tucumán
13/01/2013 Rest day
14/01/2013 San Miguel de Tucumán Córdoba
15/01/2013 Córdoba La Rioja
16/01/2013 La Rioja Fiambalá
17/01/2013 Fiambalá Copiapó
18/01/2013 Copiapó La Serena
19/01/2013 La Serena Santiago

Dakar 2013 Videos

The Toyota Hilux 2013 Dakar Team Images

“Giniel de Villiers – Toyota Hilux 2013 – Toyota pass the Dakar 2013 Scrutineering and are now officially in the race”

Here are some images of the Toyota Dakar 2013 Team in Lima, South America at the Scrutineering at the Dakar Rally 2013. The Dakar Scrutineering phase is the final step to make sure that the cars entered for the race are safe and adhere to all the specifications of the Dakar Rally.

“Toyota Hilux 2013 – Imprial Toyota South African Entry for the Dakar 2013 Rally”

“Toyota Dakar Rally Team building up some strength for the Dakar 2013”

“Toyota Hilux Dakar 2013”

“Dakar 2013 Scrutineering”

“Giniel De Villiers and Dirk von Zitzewitz – with their Toyota Hilux 2013 Dakar Rally Pick-up”

“Dakar 2013 supporters in South America, Lima, Peru”

“Team members of the South African Dakar Rally Team relaxing before the start of the race on 5 January 2013”

“Giniel De Villiers and South African Toyota Team Dakar 2013 announcement”

“Dirk von Zitzewitz inspecting the Tyres on the Toyota Hilux 2013”

“Making sure everything is in order before the Dakar 2013 Scrutineering”

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