TOYOTA Fun-VII – Design your own Unique Car using your own Photographs and Images


This week at the Tokyo Motor Show, Toyota have stolen the show with the Toyota Fun VII Concept Car. With the car it would be possible for anyone to change the paint job on their car instantly.

Professional Photographers and Amateur and Casual Photographers alike can instantly upload a photo to the Toyota Fun VII concept via their smart phone or computer and change the paint work of the car to their favorite photograph.

Toyota Fun-Vii Tokyo Motor Show

From what we here at 3D Car Shows understand it would even be possible to upload your video onto your Toyota Fun VII exterior and the car will show it on the cars exterior.

The possibilities with this “Concept Technology with the new Toyota VII” is limitless:
Let’s look at a Few Scenarios of how you can use the Exterior of your Toyota VII Concept Car:

For Fun:

  • You can design your own Toyota Fun VII car as you like.
  • Upload images directly from your Smartphone to your car.
  • Design your own unique paint job for your car. (The possibilities are limitless and you will be only limited by your creativity).
  • If it is your Mother, Father, Girlfriends, Boyfriend, Husband or Wife’s Birthday you can upload some unique messages for them onto their car or to the inside of the car, helping to make their day special.

Check out this Cool Video about the Toyota VII Fun Concept Car:

You own a Business:
If you have your own business you can post or upload videos or images of your business onto your car.

  • You can create an advertisement of your business and upload it to your car.
  • You can add your Contact Details and Information to your Car.
  • You can display your branding or products on your car.

Advertising Agencies:
Here at 3D Car Shows we think it would be great if advertising companies use the technology to display their ads on Multiple – Cars and pay the drivers for their advertisements on the cars, or even better if they provide people with “Free Toyota Fun VII Cars” to display their advertising on the cars.

  • This type of advertising can be static. Your car can have one advertisement on it and the advertisement stay on the car.
  • Advertisers can use the Toyota VII Cars to dynamically display advertisements on cars. When you drive your Toyota VII your car is mapped to an Advertising GPS this determines the exact position of your Toyota VII – Now if you drive the car in an area where CPC Advertising is available or in this case CPM-Toyota-VII is available the advertiser pays you for the amount of time that his or her advertising is displayed.
  • For instance if you stop at a prime location at a Mall, The GPS Toyota VII picks up that your car is parked at a Prime Advertising Spot infront of the Mall entrence, where most people walk into the mall. Your car displays the highest CPM-Toyota-VII Advertising from the Mall.
  • If for instance “Starbucks” is located within the mall, your car will display a “Starbucks” Advertisement. This can also be setup like a bill board so that every 1 minute, or two minutes the advertising changes dynamically on your car.
    (This article is all fiction and based on the endless possibilities of the New Concept Toyota VII Toyota is playing with).

Missing Persons:
We foresee that the cars could possibly be linked to a Police Toyota Fun VII Network. When someone get’s missing the car can show the missing person on its bodywork and inform people about the missing person. This could be GPS targeted so as to when you dive into an area where it is suspected a missing person maybe the “Missing Person” shows up onto your Car for other drivers to see.

Traffic Control:
The Toyota Fun VII Network advertising system can be linked to your GPS traffic system. The Toyota VII could show Traffic reports, to other road users about any traffic congestion, accidents and warnings while you are driving and Provide other road users with instant visible indications of any trouble ahead.

The possibilities are endless. What would you do with your Toyota VII Fun Concept Car?