Toyota Extended Warranty 2014



Toyota continues to offer their customers value for money and exceptional customer service with new upgrades to the Toyota Genuine Extended Warranty. The warranty benefits will now increase significantly through the inclusion of wear and tear cover on selected components.


From 1 July 2014, all new Genuine Extended Warranty customers will enjoy cover for the replacement of one set of shock absorbers, one clutch kit (i.e. clutch plate, pressure plate and release bearing) as well as one instance of brake disc skimming, a result of normal wear and tear.  In addition to this, failure of major components (i.e. engine, drivetrain and differentials) resulting from wear and tear will also be covered subject to limits determined by the vehicle’s mileage.

“Historically, the Toyota Genuine Extended Warranty always offered superior cover at an affordable premium –  with the inclusion of the wear and tear benefit there simply is no other extended warranty product that can match the cover at the price,” said Calvyn Hamman, Senior Vice President: Sales and Marketing at Toyota South Africa Motors.

Further to that it is important to note that the added benefits to this policy come at no extra cost to the customer. The superior cover and the fact that it is the only warranty approved and backed by Toyota South Africa teamed with an affordable cover makes this product the ultimate accessory to all Toyota customers to ensure their vehicles remain genuine.

“We endeavour to assist our customers to Keep their Toyota Genuine in order to maintain the quality, durability and reliability that is inherent to Toyota products. The Toyota Genuine Extended Warranty allows us to make this possible and ensure all our customers peace of mind during their period of ownership,” added Hamman.

The new benefits are only applicable to warranties sold from 1 July 2014. The Toyota Genuine Extended Warranty can only be purchased for Toyota vehicles which are still under the standard manufacturer’s warranty and that have a full service history with a Toyota dealer. This warranty is not available to Quantum Ses’fikile.

The Toyota Genuine Extended Warranty is available at all Toyota Dealerships or the Toyota Genuine Products Contact Centre (0860 123 329).