Toyota Dream Car Art Contest Winners


Cars inspired by balloons, birds, marshmallows and bananas were among the winning designs in the 2014 Toyota Dream Car Art Contest.


More than 1,000 UK youngsters aged eight to 15 took on Toyota’s challenge of designing a car of the future so there was no shortage of colour, creativity and invention.

This year produced highly imaginative ideas for cleaner, safer vehicles that fly, swim, combat floods, and even help babies sleep. Technology was a clear focus, with foldable and colour-changing body panels, touchscreens and remote control via smartphone applications winning the judges’ votes.

Toyota recently held a prize-giving reception for the winners and their families at its Surrey HQ, hosted by Matt Harrison, President and Managing Director of Toyota GB, and Masanori Nohara, Executive Director and Co-ordinator. Four winners in three age groups all received Apple products, a goody bag and a certificate to mark their achievement. They will now have the chance of winning a trip to Japan as part of the global Toyota Dream Car Art Contest.

The winners



1st Place Luo-Tong Sim, ‘Balloon car’. A light, solar-powered balloon-like car that is accident-proof and pollution-free. It is made from recycled materials and can be folded into a bag.

  • 2nd Place Thehan de Silva, ‘Rocket car’. A rocket powered car that can drive on the road, go underground or underwater and fly into space.
  • 3rd Place Ella Lewis, ‘Marshmallow car’. A soft edible car made from marshmallow.
  • 4th Place Lachlan O’Neil, ‘Red Eagle’. A solar-powered car that can fly above traffic.

Eight to 11 years


  • 1st Place Eva McLeod-Quinn, ‘Aqua car sub plane’. The car has a retractable, photo-chromatic window. Wings are concealed underneath and the wheels are retractable when used as a boat or submarine.
  • 2nd Place Denisa Rissa, ‘Super multi-coloured foldable car’. Foldable body panels allow use as anything from a two-seater coupe to a nine-seat MPV.
  • 3rd Place Elliot Luckins, ‘Solar powered frog car’. This solar-powered frog-shaped car is designed to be suitable for floods.
  • 4th Place Lisa Masters, ‘Help Mobile’. Made to help babies sleep and act as a shelter for homeless people.

12 to 15 years


  • 1st Place Megan Cahill, ‘Toyota Emotion’. The Toyota Emotion features a finger print lock, plug socket for charging devices and a touch screen.
  • 2nd Place Rachel Rissa, ‘Duo traveller’. This swan-shaped car can go in the water so it’s great for the beach.
  • 3rd Place Marlin Harrison, ‘The Precedo’. A hydrogen-powered car with colour changing body panels that will cater for disabled drivers.
  • 4th Place Isaac Stanesby, ‘Fruit Mobile’. A car made out of fruit that doubles as a juice bar.