Tour de France 2013


Tour de France 2013 Google Doodle

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Today 29 June 2013 Google announced the 100th Tour de France on their search engine homepages across the world with a “Tour de France 2013 Google Doodle”. The Tour de France Google Doodle is plain and simple in design and uses small animation to create a stunning simple but effective message. In the Doodle there is two cyclists with the signature “Yellow Jersey” cycling, and in the back one can see the French Continent where the 100th Tour De France will kick off today.

I learned an interesting fact about the Tour De France when researching this article and learned that although the Tour de France mainly takes place in France, it sometimes crosses borders into neighboring countries like Switzerland, Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Spain, Italy and the United Kingdom. In 2009 the Tour de France started in Monaco.

When does the Tour de France start?

The Tour de France 2013 begins on Saturday, June 29, 2013 and ends on Sunday, June 21, 2013. The Tour de France is celebrating its 100th edition but there are other anniversaries unfolding when the 2013 race gets underway. The green jersey, presented to the winner of the point’s classification, is one such example. This year is the 60th year that the ‘maillot vert’ is a prize for the best sprinter.

You can read more about the Tour de France 2013 on the official Tour de France website where you will be able to follow the race, and view the latest information, images and videos about the Tour de France.

Tour de France Cycling Games

tour de france games

This year Gamers and Cycling fans can also download and play several Tour de France games, and be part of the action at the Tour de France. Here is a short introduction to the Pro Cycling Manager 2013 Tour de France game to give you a taste of the Tour de France and what’s to come…