Top five Mercedes-Benz Student Designer 2013 winners receive prestigious award


Mercedes-Benz has the distinction of having created the most visionary and trendsetting designs during every automotive design era.  The two fields of automotive and architecture design are also set apart from other purely artistic ventures by the added dimension of precision, and feats of engineering.

South Africa Mercedes Benz

In this context, the link between architecture and automotive design becomes obvious.  Both these disciplines are able to merge visionary ideas with practical form. Both are also inextricably linked to the lifestyle choices we make in our modern world.

“The Mercedes-Benz Student Designer 2013 award, the brainchild of Mercedes-Benz SA, establishes new links between the esteemed Pretoria Institute of Architecture and MBSA,” said Dr Martin Zimmermann at the prestigious awards ceremony held at the Brooklyn Theatre Pretoria.

Mercedes-Benz Designer Awards

The award pays tribute to the muse of creativity – that spark of genius that is able to transform the everyday into a work of art, or to craft an object of dreams and fantasies.

From a wide range of entries, the selection process was extremely tough and the top five winners emerged as:

  • 1st Place – Frederik Engelbrecht
  • 2nd Place – Mila Bolt
  • 3rd Place – Estelle Kruger
  • 4th Place – Armand Meyer and Billy Ernst .

The words “The Mercedes-Benz Lifestyle”, stirs a specific set of images and emotions. For generations the three-pointed star has been the prototype of brand aspiration, associated with luxury, supreme quality, futuristic technology, and the pinnacle of elegance.

Mercedes Benz Design

The ultra-modern and alternative retail approach to designing can be expected to create a stir in the competitive motor industry.

About the competition:

The concept of the competition was for students to submit designs for a ‘Shopping Experience’ within a Shopping Mall environment, aimed primarily at potential and existing Mercedes-Benz customers.  This alternative retail format should create a distinctive image for Mercedes-Benz and should allow the brand to be more accessible to a wider public.

Designer Awards

The “Mercedes-Benz Student Designer 2013” competition is an important creative element to Mercedes-Benz and its Dealer Network, and the competition is bound to grow in stature as the ideas and designs are realised.