Top 5 Idols take Fiesta on ultimate Road Test


Top 5 Idols put Fiesta through ultimate road test at the Gerotek test track in Pretoria, experiencing its dynamic design and superior handling. Fiesta completes every test with aplomb, demonstrating its ample space, extensive safety offering, and advanced technology features. Idols hopefuls finish day feeling relaxed, inspired and in love with the Fiesta.

Ford Johannesburg Car Show 2011

SOUTH AFRICA Johannesburg, 12 September 2011 – The Top 5 Idols had a chance to take the Fiesta’s on a road test with a difference last week, when a team from Ford South Africa met them at the Gerotek test track in Pretoria for a day of driving, learning and letting loose.

Ford Johannesburg Car Show 2011

“I’m having a ball,” exclaimed Idol hopeful Mark Haze, as he piled out of the Fiesta 1.6 Sport with an Oompa Band spilling out behind him. While the other contestants were happy to test the Fiesta’s size by jumping in the car and realizing they could all comfortably fit in it together, Mark took it one step further, squeezing an entire band – along with their not insignificant musical instruments – into the passenger seats of the car before taking it for a spin, with live music blaring. Fortunately for Mark, this was probably the last time he drove with live Oompa music in the car. The Fiesta’s host of multi-media tools like Bluetooth and voice control features, along with the CD MP3 player with auxiliary connector and USB port, means that the winning Idol, who drives away in a brand new Fiesta 1.6 Sport this year, will have easy access to his or her favorite music – no Oompa band required.

Dave van Vuuren, one of the other top 5 Idols hopefuls, chose to steer clear of the band and instead focus his attention on slightly different – but equally appealing – pursuits: girls. Models, to be specific. “The best part of the day was when I encountered some of the other contestants and a model walking to get lunch, while I was ensconced in the zippy Fiesta,” explained a beaming Dave. “I must admit that very little convincing was required to get the girl in this instance. The Fiesta’s sleek design and obvious good looks did the talking for me. I stopped, picked up the model, and drove off – leaving the rest in my dust.”

Ford Johannesburg Car Show 2011

“I am in love with this car,” commented Freddy van Dango during the day. “Do you know, that the Fiesta Sedan can actually fit all of my worldly possessions in its 430L worth of boot space?”

Lefa Pike echoed Freddy’s sentiments: “The Fiesta is one hot car! Check out the 16” alloy wheels, sports seats and power windows on the Sport model! This car is defiantly a looker.”

Slightly less relaxed was Crushanda Forbes, who screamed in excitement as Ford’s advanced driver took her for a spin around the skid pan. “I don’t think I’ve ever been in a car that’s taken corners quite like this,” she exclaimed after the session.

The day on the test track wasn’t the Idols’ first encounter with the Fiesta. They previously spent a few hours designing their ultimate Fiesta exterior, and the winner of this year’s competition will drive away in their personalized creation.

Ford Johannesburg Car Show 2011

Overall, the Fiesta 1.6 Sport withstood every test the Idols put it through, making them feel safe throughout, thanks to its 5 star NCAP safety rating as well as 7 airbags and ABS with EBD, which will protect drivers against pretty much anything they could encounter while driving.

“This has been a great experience for all of us,” said Ford Marketing Manager, Ben Pillay after the Idols hopefuls had departed. “We had such fun with the contestants and really enjoyed getting to know them better. Now it’s time for them to show the South African public what they’re really all about, and I’d like to assure them that everyone at Ford will be watching with bated breath to see who wins the top prize this year.”

Ford Johannesburg Car Show 2011

To view the Idols’ personally designed Fiesta exteriors, log onto the Ford South Africa Facebook page (

). Vote for your favorite design and stand a chance to win tickets to the live Idols show.