TOP 200 New Year Resolutions for 2012


    New Year ResolutionsEverybody knows that New Year’s resolutions normally don’t have a good success rate. But for many of us, the New Year’s Resolutions idea turns into a pattern each and every year the 1st of January.

    We start off extremely determined to follow the New Year’s resolutions through on our goals. Every year we think that this is the year, but our goals and excitement ends up abandoned.

    Now, my question is, why are we still continue to make New Year’s Resolutions, though most of us don’t follow it through?

    • One main reason is that we see the New Year as away to start from scratch.
    • Then, the idea to better ourselves is another motivation for New Year’s Resolutions.

    But I think New Year’s Resolution has to do with traditions! They said that setting New Year’s Resolutions went as far back as the Babylonian times – Julius Caesar started the traditions of making New Year’s Resolutions on the 1stof January, he believed by doing this he honor the Roman mythical god Janus, which have two faces and could look back in the past and the future.

    Making New Year’s Resolutions means that people still have hope and have a certain level of believe in their selves to change and be the person who they strive to become.

    Researchers confirmed that when setting a New Year Resolution it means that you can get closer to your goals. If you still believe in making New Year’s resolutions, check out our list of New Year Resolutions.

    Here is a list of the TOP 200 New Year Resolutions for 2012

    1. Hold the door open for others
    2. Get Married
    3. Learn to say Hello in 5 languages
    4. Be fearless
    5. Solve the Rubiks cube
    6. Be a leader
    7. Start Acting my age
    8. Use double sided tape
    9. Travel
    10. Trust my Instincts
    11. Write a story
    12. Be on time
    13. Broaden my horizons
    14. Go camping
    15. Sing in the shower
    16. Try a new Cafe
    17. Realize none of us are strangers
    18. Knit a scarf
    19. pread Kindness
    20. Jump Rope
    21. Bake cookies from scratch
    22. Go to Yoga
    23. Not to dwell in the pass
    24. Learn to cope
    25. Drink more tea
    26. See the good in people
    27. Throw a penny in a fountain
    28. Make a short film
    29. Watch a movie in 3D
    30. Imagine
    31. Drink more water
    32. Make something new every day
    33. Spend more time with the kids
    34. Grow Basil
    35. Touch my toes
    36. Take more pictures
    37. Play the Kazoo
    38. Be happy
    39. Forgive him
    40. Fly to the moon
    41. Follow Through
    42. Look for the silver lining
    43. Start a pencil collection
    44. Make a paper collage
    45. Speak Up
    46. Ride my Bike
    47. Be Curious
    48. Smell the roses
    49. Make More money
    50. Inspire
    51. Productive
    52. Accept
    53. Be positive
    54. Play
    55. Be Honest
    56. Go cloud watching and find a animal or two
    57. Stay in Touch
    58. Write a letter
    59. Throw a dinner party
    60. Write a love letter
    61. Appreciate the simple things
    62. Reduce
    63. Throw a party
    64. Make my bed
    65. Backup my computer files regularly
    66. Be patients
    67. Think before I speak
    68. Call Mom and dad more often
    69. Learn to tie a tie
    70. Take a nap
    71. Meditate
    72. Realize that none of us are strangers
    73. Donate my time
    74. Avoid Drama
    75. Re-read a book from High school
    76. Cook beef Bourguignon
    77. Sing in the shower
    78. Give more compliments
    79. Perform random acts of kindness
    80. Create! Create! Create!
    81. Move around
    82. Be spontaneous
    83. Stand Tall
    84. Dance
    85. Follow my own advice
    86. Make someone’s day
    87. Travel to Tahiti
    88. Read a Dr. Seuss Book
    89. Give up a bad habit
    90. Run a marathon
    91. Talk more, tweet less
    92. Go back to school
    93. Be me
    94. Strike a conversation with a strangers
    95. Snap my fingers
    96. Wake up earlier
    97. Be present in each moment
    98. Take the stairs not the escalator
    99. Draw every day
    100. Watch a documentary
    101. Make friends
    102. Be a leader
    103. Bring a refuse bag to the grocery store
    104. Hopscotch
    105. Apply for my dream job
    106. Watch the sunset
    107. High 5 the person sitting next to me
    108. Learn to commit
    109. Tell her I love her
    110. Join a choir
    111. Jog
    112. Be serious
    113. Vacuum
    114. Compose a song
    115. Start or actually update my blog
    116. Start a sticker collection
    117. Floss
    118. Update my avatar
    119. Be a rock star
    120. Start a piggy bank
    121. Turn of the TV
    122. Make fresh pasta
    123. Sing out of tune
    124. Get myself a pet
    125. Enjoy the outdoors
    126. Build a tree house
    127. Do what I love
    128. Moisturize
    129. Carpool
    130. See the good in people
    131. Go sailing
    132. Never give up
    133. Leave a large tip
    134. Start a business
    135. Win the lottery
    136. Think about it
    137. Learn Italian
    138. Try my hand in astrophotography and photograph the stars
    139. Get a piercing
    140. Get a tattoo
    141. Stay away from gas station slushies
    142. Plant a tree
    143. Drink hot cocoa
    144. Upload a video on youtube
    145. Send birthday cards
    146. Calm down
    147. Be a leader
    148. Believe
    149. Find live music
    150. Make a root beer float
    151. Make a paper airplane
    152. Focus
    153. Give a hug everyday
    154. Appreciate nature
    155. Find Mr. or Mrs. Right
    156. Change the world
    157. Spend more time with myself
    158. Keep my family safe
    159. Fly to the moon
    160. Become a expert on something
    161. Get some sleep
    162. Send a thank you card
    163. Smile
    164. Carry a purse
    165. Spend my money wisely
    166. Pay it forward
    167. Visit an art museum
    168. Watch an episode of Oprah
    169. Reuse
    170. Create something that will better the lives’ of others
    171. Send a two page handwritten letter to a friend
    172. Spend less time browsing and more time doing
    173. Declutter
    174. Eat a mango
    175. Work smarter
    176. Eat well
    177. Love
    178. Make a wish
    179. Paint more
    180. Laugh a lot
    181. Organize my desktop
    182. Be me
    183. Listen
    184. Tap my feet
    185. Roast marshmallows over a fire
    186. Inspire
    187. Look up in the sky
    188. Donate my time
    189. Be a better person
    190. Throw a costume party
    191. Start a piggy bank
    192. Be remarkable
    193. Enjoy every minute
    194. Be brave
    195. Visit an Africa country
    196. Be more tolerant
    197. Live Life to the fullest
    198. Make a quilt
    199. Be honest
    200. Take public transport