Tokyo Motor Show Image Gallery

Suzuki Q-Concept

The Tokyo Motor Show is currently well on its way in Tokyo, Japan. The Tokyo Motor Show is one of the premier Car Shows in the world. This year’s Tokyo Motor Show haven’t disappointed. One of my favorite concepts from this year’s car show is the Toyota VII Fun Concept Car.

Honda Concept 2011

The car allows you to change the exterior of the car via a computer or Smartphone. For more information about the Toyota VII Concept Car read our articles on 3D Car Shows about the Toyota VII Fun Concept.

We have just uploaded our image gallery of the Tokyo Motor Show, if you were not able to make it to the Tokyo 2012 Motor Show. You can now view images online from the show. To view our complete gallery of images from the Tokyo Motor Show, goto our

Tokyo Motor Show Image Gallery


Honda AC-X concept 2011

Honda Images: At this years Tokyo Motor Show the Honda company had 22 Vehicles on display. 3 of these Vehicles were world premiers and 3 of them for the first time displayd in Japan. For more images of Honda you can go to the

Tokyo Motor Show Honda images


Toyota Fun-Vii Tokyo Motor Show

Toyota at the Tokyo Motor Show: In the Passanger Class Toyota had 16 Vehicles at this years Tokyo Motor Show.

They have showcased 5 first time vehicles at the Tokyo Motor Show and had only 1 vehicle for the first time premier in Japan.

We have greated an image gallery of the Toyota Display at the Tokyo Motor Show. For more information you can go to the

Toyota Tokyo Image Gallery



Suzuki Q-Concept

uzuki at the Tokyo Motor Show

One of the Highlights for me this year from the Tokyo Motor Show included the New Suzuki Q Concept.

In the

Suzuki Image Gallery

from the Tokyo Motor Show you will get to see the Suzuki Q Concept and some other images from the Suzuki Display at the Tokyo Motor Show.

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