TMC Announces Sales and Production Plans for CY2012


Tokyo—Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) announced today its CY2012 sales and production plans, as shown below.

Toyota Sales Figures

Note that the below plans do not factor in the effect of the environment-friendly car purchase incentive now approved at the cabinet level of the Japanese government.


  1. Japan sales: Includes minivehicles (including vehicles produced outside Japan)
  2. Overseas sales: Toyota, Daihatsu and Hino data (excluding OEM)
  3. Japan production: Complete vehicle + KD including OEM for Japan (based on Japan line-off timing)
  4. Overseas production: Vehicles produced outside Japan excluding OEM for overseas and KD (based on local line-off timing)

Additionally, TMC’s CY2013 global sales and production plans are as follows:

  • Global sales: 8.95 million units
  • Global production: 8.98 million units

The figures stated above are based on judgments and assumptions using currently available information and other factors. There is no guarantee that actual results will be as projected in view of the uncertainties involved in the judgments and assumptions, as well as possible fluctuations resulting from changes in domestic and overseas conditions.