‘Tis the season!


    Today 23th of December 2014 Google Kicked off their series of Google Doodles for this Holiday 2014 season with the ‘this the season! Google Doodle on most of Google’s International Search Engine Homepages. The ‘this the season! Google Doodle features Santa Clause and his helpers on a bob sleigh pulled by one reindeer.




    Google is known for their Christmas Google Doodles and it is good to see that they are kicking off Christmas earlier this year, and it is good to see the Christmas spirit on the internet, setting the mood for this Holiday season.

    If you search in Google for “Christmas” you will see that Google have also decorated their Search Engine Pages for the words “Christmas” with Holiday decorations.


     Christmas Day this year falls on Thursday the 25th of December 2014 and in Christianity this was the day that Jesus Christ was born. Christians celebrate the day usually spending it with family, some go to church and usually Christmas Gifts are exchanged between families and friends.

    Santa Clause forms part of Christmas for many Christians and Non-Christians, and children are told that Santa Clause comes and deliver presents. In some countries it is customary to put out milk and cookies for Santa Clause. Parents also use Santa Clause as a scare tactic during the year, and tell children if they behave Santa Clause will bring them presents, and if they don’t they will not get any presents.

    Today’s ‘this is the season! Google Doodle from Google is a welcomed doodle, and many children across the globe will love todays doodle, it will get harder for them to hide their anticipation for Christmas and they will surely count the days to Christmas more eagerly!

    If you are celebrating Christmas this Holiday Season, we here at 3D-Car-Shows.com would like to wish all our readers a “Merry Christmas” and a “Happy New Year”.