Times Square New Year’s Eve 2012 Images


    Times-Square-New-Year’-Eve-2012-ImagesOne of the biggest New Year events this year is happening at Time Square in New York where more than a million people are getting ready to celebrate the New Year’s.

    It is officially New Year in New York just after the famous “Drop Ball” ceremony. This year the honor has fallen onto Lady Gaga who will press the button at exactly 11:59 to start the “Drop Ball 2012” ceremony.

    When Lady Gaga presses the button exactly 1 minute before midnight a Giant ball will start descending down wards. 10 Seconds before midnight everyone in Time Square will join in and count down the last 10 seconds to midnight. The Drop Ball tradition was originally started in 1904.

    Today literally millions of people will watch the Drop Ball ceremony live as it is broadcast on Television and the internet!

    Ball Drop 2012 Images

    If you are going to be at Time Square in New York 2012 we will appreciate it if you can send us images from the Drop Ball ceremony. We have created a New Year’s Tracker and Countdown towards 2012. Unfortunately we do not have someone in New York that can send us images of the drop ball 2012 ceremony. If you have images of the Drop Ball could you please forward it to newyear@3d-car-shows.com and we will publish these images.

    Happy New Year

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