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Tiger Wheel & Tyre are once again at the forefront of digital innovation; with the release of the new 3D animated TV commercial for Velocity Raptor A/T Tyres.

This advert is the fourth in a series of the ever-popular, ground-breaking Velocity television commercials, which are entirely 3D computer animated. In order to employ this leading method of animation, Tiger Wheel & Tyre turned to world-class animation studio, Haptics, for the expert skills they needed.

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The release of this commercial comes in the wake of the launch of the all terrain, all dirt-grabbing, Velocity Raptor A/T tyre. This muscle tyre, of on and off road distinction, boasts a self-cleaning tyre tread and offers great traction while minimizing the incidence of aquaplaning.

The tread pattern on the tyre also makes for a quieter drive, while resisting chips and cuts along the way. The popular Velocity Tyre Brand is respected by South African consumers for its performance, style and value delivery. And the Velocity Raptor A/T is no exception.

The Haptics team took up the challenge to illustrate the intense durability of the new all terrain Velocity Raptor beast. According to Don Searll, owner of Haptics, “What sets this advert apart is that we have designed our own cutting edge Tiger Wheel & Tyre off road vehicle which best demonstrates the durability of Velocity Raptor Tyres. What’s more, one also gets a sense of the amount of fun that can be had with these tyres.” The commercial draws the viewer into rugged terrains with fierce unpredictability. This perfectly contrasts the previous Tiger Wheel & Tyre Velocity R-Max commercial, which boasted pure street performance amidst a bustling city landscape.

The Velocity Raptor A/T is available in most popular all terrain tyre sizes. To find out more about the new Velocity Raptor A/T tyre, exclusive to Tiger Wheel & Tyre, visit your nearest store. Alternatively visit


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