Thule launches EasyFold, the world’s most advanced bicycle transportation solution

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Now you see it, now you don’t. That’s the logic behind the new Thule Easy Fold two-bike rack, which will reach Thule dealer and bicycle shops from March. It is the Next Big Thing in bicycle carriers

Thule Bicycle Carrier

And if there’s a word to sum it up, it is indeed Easy…it is easy to mount, easy to handle and easy to store when not in use. In fact, you could stash it in a cupboard or a corner of the garage and forget that it is there. Or you can leave it in the boot of the car.

It requires just two steps to go from a towbar-mounted platform rack to a compact bundle which will take up minimal space irrespective of where you want to keep it: fold up the ‘arms’ which support each wheel and also carry the tail light clusters, and then rotate the number plate holder and you’re good to go.

And despite the clever construction and modern design it isn’t a lightweight, in fact, it has an extremely high carrying capacity – up to 60 kilos in total, so downhill racers rejoice! It is designed to carry bikes of all kinds, including the electrically-powered ‘e-bikes’ growing in popularity in Europe. The Easy Fold gives you the freedom to carry any bike to any destination – and then take the rack with you if you want to. So if you’re riding the Argus, you take your bike to the airport, and put the Easy Fold in the hold and pick it up at the other end. Just remember to ask for  a hire car with a towbar!

Like all Thule products the Easy Fold is tested and certified to meet the highest quality and safety standards in the world. In fact, being a Thule product it exceeds nearly all minimum standards. It’ll reach stores by early March, and sells at a recommended retail price of R8 999.

Thule Testing Facts
Many of Thule’s products are used under extreme conditions. That’s why one of the cornerstones of Thule’s product strategy is safety. That’s also why Thule has three Quality Test Centers in different countries across the globe that put the products through an extensive and rigorous testing process surpassing industry standards. On top of legal requirements, Thule performs a large number of self-imposed tests that provide our customers with even greater assurance.

 Before any product goes into production, it is exposed to everything from icy cold to desert heat and long-term UV radiation, tensile tests, shock tests, vibration tests, wind tunnels, endurance tests, aerodynamic tests and crash tests. Thule also take the prototypes and test products into the real world and try the functions that will make the equipment safer and easier to use. When the testing team at Thule is finally happy, they know that the customers will be too. Thule also helps lead the way in setting the safety and quality standards of industry products, sitting on the committee for ISO standards.

About Thule

The Thule brand was established in Sweden in 1942. Thule is now a premium brand that is used around all over the world. Under With the motto Bring your life, Thule offers a wide assortment of accessories to simplify the transportation of your gear and equipment in a secure, safe and stylish way. Roof racks, bike and water sport equipment carriers, roof boxes, accessories for recreational vehicles, trailers for the an active life (horses, boats, etc.), snow chains as well as luggage bags and boxes are just someonly a few examples of what Thule currently offers. Thule is the largest brand in the Thule Group.


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