Following the news last week of Bike Trac’s success in recovering yet another large haul of stolen machines, the makers behind it, Road Angel Group, are pleased to confirm another multi-machine recovery, after a Yamaha R1 fitted with Bike Trac was traced to a stolen van with another stolen motorcycle found within it too.

 Yamaha R1

Initially alerting its owner at 13.50 on April 5th of an unlawful movement, the stolen R1 was then subjected to a battery disconnection just seven minutes later. But thanks to Bike Trac’s technology that enables the tracking device to run on its own internal battery for up to 30 days after disconnection, the unit continued to stay in contact and resulted in the R1, the stolen van it was in and another stolen machine being recovered just one and a half hours later.

Bike Trac’s Bill Taylor: “Another large and swift recovery and all because one of the three vehicles in question had Bike Trac fitted. On this occasion the thieves tried to beat any potential system by disconnecting the battery, but as ours can run for up to 30 days without requiring additional power, this made no difference in our ability to stay in touch with the unit. Once again, the Police acted swiftly and in the process managed to recover the stolen van used by the thieves and a Suzuki GSX-R1000 too. Another great recovery which maintains our 100% recovery rate this year.”

For just £299.99 inc VAT* a Bike Trac unit really can offer an owner complete peace of mind. But unlike other units available, Bike Trac also offers handy additional functions too, so it’s not just a security device that works if the unthinkable happens. Bike Trac offers a handy 24/7 web portal where owners can log-in to see the exact whereabouts of their bike, check its battery voltage, review recent journeys and even set their very own Geo Fence too. On top of this Bike Trac also offers ‘Bike Down’ – a great safety feature for lone riders that will notify a next of kin via text should the bike go over an 80-degree lean angle with the ignition switched on. (* additional annual subscription required, but unlike some other units includes all text costs`).